September/October Product Feature: Lifts

Sept. 14, 2018
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Rotary Lift

Mobile Column Lift Line-up With Remote-Controlled Lift

Rotary Lift’s Mach 14 Flex powered by RedFire, a wireless, remote-controlled mobile column lift with a rated lifting capacity of 14,000-pounds, makes it even easier for fleets and repair shops to choose the right mobile column lift for their needs.

The versatile MCHF14 Flex is available in configurations of two, four, six or eight columns, providing a lifting capacity of 28,000-pounds per axle and up to 112,000-pounds total. It can be used to lift most medium-duty and heavy-duty vehicles.

Using the remote, technicians can control the synchronized mobile columns from anywhere in the service bay, providing them the freedom to walk around the vehicle and the bay to check for any issues while lifting.

Rotary’s patent-pending LockLight technology is built right in, illuminating a green light on top of each column when its mechanical locks are engaged. Setup is fast and easy as the remote control guides the user step by step, eliminating the need to stay at each column to sync it before moving to the next.

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HD Inground Vehicle Lift Adapter Kits

Stertil-Koni's two new adapter kits tailored for its inground scissor and piston lifts — each engineered to facilitate more efficient lifting by engaging the front and rear lifting points on buses and trucks.

Driving Stertil-Koni’s engineering approach is a transformation in how heavy duty vehicles are now being built. 

Following a notable increase in the size of newer transit buses, school buses and heavy duty trucks, along with the requirements for larger axles to support them, Stertil-Koni recently engineered two new adapter kits — one expressly manufactured for transit buses and another suitable for both trucks and school buses. Stertil-Koni’s school bus and truck adapters are constructed to be wider and taller, while transit bus adapters are flatter and broader. 

The new adapters have been optimized for both new vehicles with the latest axles as well as older vehicles that have been on the road for some time. The kits are also available to current Stertil-Koni inground lift customers.

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ebright Smart Control System

Stertil-Koni has incorporated its advanced, full-color, touch-screen control console, known as the ebright Smart Control System, into the company’s high-pressure inground telescopic piston lifting system — the DIAMONDLIFT.

First deployed on Stertil-Koni wireless mobile column lifts in 2015, the ebright Smart Control System has been integrated into the company’s battery-operated cable mobile column lifts as well as the ultra-shallow, full-rise, axle-engaging in-ground scissor-lifting system, the ECOLIFT.

The addition of the ebright Smart Control System in the above ground console makes the ongoing operation and monitoring of DIAMONDLIFT even easier — placing all critical information directly at the fingertips of the person who needs it most — the busy technician on the shop floor. 

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