Province of British Columbia, city of Maple Ridge, B.C., progress Abernethy Way corridor expansion

April 17, 2024
This expansion plan will help to ease traffic flow, improving access to critical services and supporting future residential and economic development.

The city of Maple Ridge, B.C., in partnership with the province of British Columbia, will be expanding the Abernethy Way Corridor from 224 to 230 St. as part of the city's Maple Ridge Moves. The plan aims to help to unlock new opportunities for affordable housing and bus rapid transit (BRT). 

The Abernethy Way Corridor Expansion will work to improve Maple Ridge's transportation network. Abernethy Way is a major transportation and economic link to the city’s primary industrial lands at 256 St., as well as a direct route to Golden Ears Park, the most heavily used provincial park in British Columbia. 

The main goal of the expansion is to provide both local and intermunicipal traffic, as well as secondary access to the rapidly developing area of Silver Valley that will ultimately house 11,000 residents. 

“The Abernethy Way Corridor Expansion will connect communities in Maple Ridge, provide more ways to get around the city and unlock new opportunities," said Anne Kang, mnister of municipal affairs for the province of British Columbia. "Through investment from the Growing Communities Fund, our government is supporting Maple Ridge and every community across the province by funding projects that improve infrastructure, enhance connection and support the sustainable growth of strong communities.”

The province has asllocated C$3.5 million (US$2.5 million) in funding from the Growing Communities Fund toward completion of the expansion from 224 to 230 St. The city has also committed partial funding for the further corridor expansion to 240 St. but will require additional provincial and federal funding to move forward with the next phase of construction in 2025. 

Key features and benefits of the Abernethy Way Corridor Expansion from 224 to 230 St. include: 

  • Enhanced connectivity and reduced congestion for thousands of Maple Ridge residents
  • Improved access to Maple Ridge’s primary industrial lands, fostering economic growth and job creation
  • The road improvements in the Maple Ridge Moves plan will help make room for TransLink, bringing BRT to the community