Cincinnati Metro invests $27.8 million into transit infrastructure projects

Feb. 23, 2024
The funding supports 29 projects spread across 20 municipalities within Hamilton County, Ohio.

Cincinnati Metro highlighted Hamilton County, Ohio's, investment in transit-related infrastructure at its third annual Metro Transit Infrastructure Funds (MTIF) Grant Signing Ceremony. The ceremony marked the distribution of $27.8 million in grants, supporting 29 projects spread across 20 municipalities within Hamilton County.

Since 2021, through MTIF grants, Metro has allocated $294 million in funds to bolster transportation projects in municipalities across Hamilton County. $204.9 million of the funds have been awarded to the Western Hills Viaduct, which receives $14.5 million in funding each year for the next 13 years — bringing the total amount awarded for the third round of MTIF grants to more than $42 million. The Western Hills Viaduct received $8.2 million for each of the first two rounds of funding.

“Hamilton County voters are seeing tangible results from their commitment to transit,” said Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority Board Chair Kreg Keesee. “Through this grant program, many key pieces of infrastructure have been completed or are under construction, leading to an improved quality of life for residents by enhancing connectivity and providing better access to transportation.

The Transit Infrastructure Fund was established in 2020 when Hamilton County voters approved Issue 7, which allocated 25 percent of Cincinnati Metro’s .8 percent county sales tax proceeds to be used for transit-related infrastructure improvements within Cincinnati Metro’s service area throughout the county.

“We’re delivering on our promise to Hamilton County voters that demanded and deserve a revitalized transit system,” said Darryl Haley, CEO and general manager of Cincinnati Metro. “The MTIF funds, coupled with improved and expanded Cincinnati Metro services are enabling us to improve overall mobility throughout the region.”