Greensboro goes purple with new crosstown transit route

Feb. 23, 2024
When Crossmax Purple launches March 4, it will provide more frequent service between residential and educational areas, as well as usher in a move toward crosstown routes in Greensboro, which have been designed to support the city as a car-optional community.

The first crosstown bus route to serve Greensboro, N.C., Crossmax Purple (Route1), will begin to serve Greensboro Transit Agency riders in early March.

The new, fixed-route bus will begin service on March 3, with a celebratory, official launch on March 4. The route will feature several new amenities, including a direct connection between the residential and educational areas of east Greensboro with the growing, retail/entertainment district in west Greensboro. Crossmax Purple is also the first “one-seat ride," meaning riders will not have to change buses at the J. Douglas Galyon Downtown Transit Center to travel on the east-west route.

The new route will provide 15-minute frequencies from 6 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Monday - Friday, compared to 30-minute frequencies of other GTA buses. Weekends will also see a change, as Crossmax Purple will operate every 30 minutes while other routes will continue their 60-minute service.

The “Crossmax” branding will apply to all future cross-town routes as they are phased in during the next several years.

Implementation of the route was spearheaded by the city of Greensboro’s GoBORO Long Range Transit Plan. Launched in 2023, the city partnered with Jarrett Walker & Associates, along with outreach professionals Simon Resources, to develop the blueprint for the future of transit to meet the city’s goal of being a car-optional city by 2045.

Public meetings, workshops, pop-up events, social media and more than 1,800 completed surveys were key to bringing transit’s future into focus, with a majority of riders and stakeholders choosing a “more frequent ridership” focus over a “more coverage to more people” focus. The ridership focus will enhance support for employment, healthcare, education and economic development in an area that has seen significant growth. When completed, GoBORO is expected to significantly build transit capacity in Greensboro for not only GTA, but other regional services, as well. 

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