Palm Tran Bus Operator Recognized for Act of Kindness

Oct. 3, 2023
Palm Tran Bus Operator Marsha Solomon’s actions exemplify how transit provides connections beyond geographic locations.

Marsha Solomon, a bus operator for Palm Tran, did not expect a recognition ceremony when she reached out to a local resident worried about her son. However, on June 6, 2023, dressed in her blue Palm Tran uniform, she was met with applause in a heart-touching moment in the seat of county government.

“If Marsha Solomon is representative of the talent and the character in the community, then Palm Beach County is in a really good space,” said Ladi March-Goldwire, a building contractor and mental health advocate.

Earlier in the year, March-Goldwire posted on Facebook worried about the whereabouts of her son, who lives with a mental illness. Solomon, a Palm Tran veteran bus operator of 27 years, saw the post and recognized March-Goldwire’s son on her bus route. She gave him water, spoke to him and reached out to his mother to assure her that her son was safe.

March-Goldwire was so impressed by Solomon that she acknowledged her at a Palm Beach County Board of County Commissioners meeting in March before making public comments on mental health. Prior to this, they did not know each other.

Hearing March-Goldwire’s strong words of praise, Palm Beach County Commissioner Sara Baxter was moved to formally recognize Solomon. On June 6, 2023, Palm Tran leaders arrived at the Board of County Commissioners Chambers for Solomon’s official recognition ceremony.

Commissioner Maria G. Marino introduced Solomon, inviting her to the podium to say a few words.

“Being a mom of two sons, I know what it’s like to worry about them. I just did what I thought was right. I hope to spread the message that we can all make the world a better and brighter place if we looked out for one another,” Solomon said. “I didn’t expect to be recognized today, but I’m grateful to represent my co-workers and Palm Tran in a positive light. I know other operators and employees are doing the same and making a difference. “

 “Thank you for the water, thank you for being kind, thank you for not treating him like his illness,” March-Goldwire said following Soloman.

As March-Goldwire paused to hold back her tears, Solomon gave her a hug as the room applauded in a heartwarming moment.

“Mental health is the one thing we can all do together. I just want to say thank you Palm Tran for choosing such amazing employees like Marsha,” March-Goldwire continued.

“It really warms my heart to be here for moments like this. Solomon’s act of kindness reminds us of our humanity,” Palm Beach County Administrator Verdenia Baker remarked.

“Solomon is an exemplar of what we strive for in Palm Beach County. She makes us all proud,” added Palm Beach Assistant County Administrator Todd J. Bonlarron.

Solomon was joined at the podium by Palm Beach Commissioners Maria G. Marino and Sara Baxter, Palm Tran Executive Director Clinton B. Forbes, Assistant County Administrator Bonlarron and Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1577 President Dwight Mattingly to recognize her for her act of kindness.

“It fills me with immense pride to recognize Marsha Solomon and bring honor to our entire team,” said Forbes. “Her story inspires us to embrace these values and continue making a difference in our community.”

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