Nova Scotia distributes C$10.9 million in COVID relief to provincial transit providers

Nov. 28, 2022
The funding is provided by the government of Canada and will support pandemic recovery efforts at 20 community transit operators and eight fixed-route operators in the province.

Transit providers in Nova Scotia, Canada, will receive funds to support their continued operation as they continue to recover from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. A total of C$10.9 million (US$7.87 million) will be distributed to 20 community transit operators and eight fixed-route operators.

“Dependable transit makes communities stronger,” said Nova Scotia Minister of Public Works Kim Masland. “This funding does more than just help operators maintain invaluable transit services, it helps Nova Scotians get to work safely, allows them to attend important appointments and helps combat loneliness and isolation by making it easier for them to participate in activities they enjoy.”

The one-time funding comes from the government of Canada’s previously announced C$750 million (US$556.83 million) to support municipalities facing transit operating shortfalls. To access the federal funding, Nova Scotia was required to match the federal contribution and allocate the share of the funding based on overall transit ridership with some adjustments, allowed to ensure all transit operators receive a portion of the funds.

The 20 community transit providers will benefit from C$1.1 million (US$820,000) and the fixed-route operators will receive a total of C$9.88 million (US$7.34 million), including Halifax Transit, which will receive the largest portion of the distribution, will receive C$8.66 million (US$6.43 million).

“The pandemic was – and continues to be – hard on our communities. At a time when we can all use a little extra support, this funding will help us continue to provide our clients and neighbors with affordable and accessible transportation that enhances connections in our community and helps reduce social isolation,” said Queens County Transit Board Chair Tara Smith, whose community transit entity received C$46,617 (US$34,610).

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