July/August Product Feature: ADA Products

Aug. 15, 2018
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AMF-Bruns of America

Hide-A-Way Wheelchair Securement System

The mobility industry has been challenged to find securement systems flexible in accommodating both wheelchair and non-wheelchair passengers. The solution: AMF-Bruns’ Hide-A-Way — the industry’s only wheelchair securement system with retractors fully-integrated into the floor — freeing up valuable floor space and increasing passenger capacity.

The Hide-A-Way — which fits transit, para-transit and mobility vehicles — allows drivers to mix and match passenger wheelchairs with non-wheelchair seats. Passengers seats, which fold up, can be installed directly over the restraints. The system has a foot-activation feature, uses self-locking & self-tensioning retractors, and meets all safety regulations.

Steve Barker

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The QUANTUM fully automatic rear-facing securement station is redefining transit safety by combining securement expertise, intelligent technology and the latest in modern design.QUANTUM is the only system in the world that gives independence to mobility passengers; enabling them to secure themselves in less than 25 seconds with the simple push of a button – requiring minimal driver assistance.

Monica Cardona

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SSR Single Slope Ramp

The Ricon SSR low-floor bus ramp adjusts automatically to varied bus stop curb and sidewalk heights to provide convenient access by passengers using wheelchairs and walkers, and those with shopping carts or strollers. Reliable and easy-tooperate, SSR model ramps feature a unique electric drive assembly, with a patented regenerative braking system, for stable platform speed during deployment and stow with power or manual operation. Rugged stainless steel construction and low maintenance delivers exceptional value. Meets or exceeds all FMVSS, ADA, CSA and D409 requirements.

  • Solid-state fully-electric drive system
  • Rated 1,000-pound load capacity
  • Unique 1:6 single slope performance
  • Rugged stainless steel enclosure
  • Lightest weight ramp possible

Tony Ward

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Mirage Wheelchair Lift

The Ricon Mirage F9TF has been chosen by more North American motorcoach operators and public transportation agencies than any other under-floor mounted wheelchair lift. With its rugged stainless steel and aluminum construction, the Mirage F9TF lift will provide many years of reliable service.

  • Heavy-duty 660-pound load lift capacity
  • Exclusive Dura-Touch hand control pendant
  • Electrically interlocked occupant restraint belt system
  • Ultra sonic, contactless threshold warning system
  • Two-year limited warranty, extended warranty available


Express Bridge Plate

The sturdy Ricon Express automatic bridge plate allows operators to provide mobility-challenged passengers with safe and efficient transitions between the railcar and station platform. When stowed, the Express bridge plate conveniently returns to its position in the floor of the railcar.

  • Rugged stainless steel construction
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Durable drive system
  • 800-pound rated capacity

Tony Ward

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Motor Coach Industries


The MCI D45 CRT LE is the first-ever, curb-level low-entry vestibule Commuter Coach bus design offers, ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant retractable ramp for those with mobility devices — significantly speeds up onboarding/offboarding to meet on-time schedules. Passengers with wheelchairs and mobility devices have roomy, curb-level access to seating in patent-pending second-door, low-entry vestibule area. Concept features sleek, modern styling with comfortable ergonomic seating, WiFi, and electrical outlets to serve every passenger — perfect for growing distance commuter ridership