Vicinity's Lightning electric transit bus to be showcased at APTA EXPO 2023

Oct. 5, 2023
The Vicinity Lightning is a 28-foot low-floor transit/shuttle bus designed from the ground up to be a user-friendly electric vehicle and features onboard charging and in-floor batteries.

Vicinity Motor Corp. is showcasing its Vicinity Lightning electric transit bus at American Public Transportation Association (APTA) EXPO 2023.

The Vicinity Lightning is a 28-foot low-floor transit/shuttle bus designed from the ground up to be a user-friendly electric vehicle. With capacity for up to 34 passengers, the Lightning vehicle features onboard charging and in-floor batteries.

Exro's Coil Driver™ is award-winning dynamic smart controller that expands the performance and efficiency of electric motors and batteries through patented power electronics hardware and software technology. The controller effectively creates an intelligent electronic gearbox inside the motor that electronically switches the motor coil configuration in real time, seamlessly and under demand. The Coil DriverTM provides for system optimization that can eliminate the need for gearboxes and multiple motors across all electric vehicles, allowing manufacturers like Vicinity to achieve more acceleration, gradeability, high-speed torque and better efficiencies while reducing the dependency on costly mechanical components and enabling a better total cost of ownership.

"APTA is among the most prominent professional events in the public transportation space globally, with attendees from nearly 100 countries seeking compelling new products for their respective markets. To that end, we are thrilled to exhibit the Vicinity Lightning EV - enhanced with Coil Driver™ technology - to public transit professionals at the event. I am confident that we will generate potential new customer relationships at APTA to aid in the acceleration of our mission to deliver a more efficient and sustainable public transit system for communities everywhere," said William Trainer, founder and CEO of Vicinity Motor Corp. 

"We are excited to unveil and take-orders on our next-generation Coil DriverTM technology with Vicinity Motors at the APTA EXPO. Together we are on a mission to reshape the way the world consumes energy to enable the transition to commercially viable e-mobility solutions," said Sue Ozdemir, CEO of Exro Technologies Inc.

At the event, Vicinity and Exro Technologies Inc. (Exro) will jointly exhibit a Vicinity Lightning electric transit bus, integrated with Exro's revolutionary Coil Driver™ technology, in booth 4039.