NY Waterway and NJ Transit retrofit first ferry

July 28, 2022
The newly retrofitted ferry will result in less fuel consumption and less emissions as the partners eye retrofitting an additional five ferries.

NY Waterway and New Jersey Transit (NJ Transit) launched a newly retrofitted ferry, Hoboken, into service with improvements that will result in the ferry using less fuel and emitting engine exhaust.

“Every ferry takes dozens—sometimes hundreds—of cars off the region’s roadways. They’re already a clean and sustainable way to commute and now they’ll be even greener. It’s our mission to be a good steward of the harbor and we’re so thrilled to see the Hoboken reenter service with cleaner engines, room for more passengers and lower fuel use on every trip,” said President, CEO and Chairman of NY Waterway Armand Pohan.

The ferry’s four 600-horsepower EPA Tier 1 engines were replaced with two 900-horsepower EPA Tier 3 engines. This means the Hoboken will use 25 percent less fuel and emit 80 percent less nitrogen oxide. Additionally, the ferry saw a 60 percent increase in passenger capacity and can now hold up to 247 passengers versus 149 before the retrofit.

Five additional NY Waterway ferries will be retrofitted under the program, which is funded by NJ Transit using a $12-million grant from the Federal Transportation Administration.

“NJ Transit is proud to have helped facilitate the funding for NY Waterway’s upgrade to its ferries, which will substantially lower carbon emissions and improve our environment,” said NJ Transit President and CEO Kevin S. Corbett. “We look forward to continuing to work with environmental advocates, elected officials and other stakeholders to promote a more sustainable, environmentally-friendly New Jersey.”

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