SMART extends SMART Connect service with Larkspur Shuttle

June 24, 2024
The Routing Company will work with SMART to ensure a seamless expansion through the SMART Connect Larkspur Shuttle service.

Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit (SMART) has expanded its SMART Connect service to now include the SMART Connect Larkspur Shuttle. The expansion follows the launch of SMART Connect Airport service – powered by The Routing Company's (TRC) Ride Pingo – in June 2023. 

TRC first partnered with SMART to offer accessible on-demand service and transit connections through SMART Connect, delivering first- and last-mile solutions for North Bay residents to and from SMART stations across Marin and Sonoma, Calif., Counties.

“Expanding our partnership with The Routing Company allows us to enhance first- and last-mile connections in Larkspur by offering train passengers a new option for connecting to the Larkspur ferry,” said Eddy Cumins, SMART general manager. “In response to community calls for greater connectivity, we are thrilled to launch this on-demand service. SMART’s mission is to connect communities and that’s exactly what we are doing.  We are focused on providing accessible and equitable transit that welcomes everyone on board.”

SMART’s deployment uses TRC’s Pingo platform including the Ride Pingo™ app for riders, Drive Pingo™ app for drivers, cloud-based Pingo Dashboard™ for operators and Transit Connect™ feature. Transit Connect™ guarantees connections for riders to fixed route networks using real-time data. The feature was developed by TRC as a solution to improve the rider experience and guarantee a connection to onward transit modes.

“We’re proud to support SMART in its continued pursuit of connectivity in Sonoma and now Marin. Even better is that we are connecting urban and rural communities with efficient transportation,” said James Cox, CEO, TRC.