Western Kenosha County Transit introduces LINK Western Kenosha Transportation

Feb. 5, 2024
LINK Western Kenosha Transportation adds to already existing LINK services, which provides door-to-door service for riders during peak ride periods.

Western Kenosha County Transit has introduced LINK Western Kenosha Transportation, in addition to its existing public transportation services for 2024.

Kenosha County says the update, which includes visual updates to vehicles and communication, is not the introduction of a new service, but a comprehensive refresh of the existing one that aims to address and change the stigma some community members hold toward public transit.

The initiative to refresh the service stems from extensive community engagement in the fall of 2023. Public hearings and a survey conducted across Western Kenosha County, with participation from more than 400 residents, have been instrumental in shaping the refreshed direction of LINK, said Kenosha County Executive Samantha Kerkman. 

“It was very important to us to engage the community in this process,” Kerkman said. “The survey played a crucial role in understanding the needs and preferences of our community members. We truly appreciate the public’s input. This personalized approach ensures convenience and accessibility for all passengers."

A feature of LINK is its door-to-door service. Residents can schedule a pickup from their homes and be taken directly to their destinations. 

Fares are priced at $5 per one-way trip for the general public, $3 per one-way trip for older adults and persons with disabilities and $1 per one-way trip to a Nutrition Senior Dining Site.

“The service is tailored to be both affordable and inclusive, while offering extensive travel options,” said Heather Vanoss,  Kenosha County elder & disability services manager. “LINK’s economical fares allow travelers to journey farther while spending less and significantly reducing the financial burden typically associated with driving, which supports the economic well-being of the community. As LINK launches a refreshed debut in 2024, Western Kenosha County Transit invites the community to embrace this service, promising a more connected, sustainable and enjoyable travel experience."

The enhanced service is provided through a partnership between Kenosha Achievement Center and Kenosha County. All vehicles in the LINK fleet are equipped with lifts and wheelchair tie-downs, ensuring accessibility for passengers with mobility needs. Additionally, drivers are trained to assist with boarding and disembarking upon request.

Kenosha County notes the service is specifically designed to provide a relaxing environment for riders, particularly during peak hours, featuring leisure activities such as reading, relaxing or enjoying the views.