Mountain View Transit Association resumes MVgo shuttle service for tech campus employees

July 20, 2021
MVgo shuttle service resumed July 12 with updated routes and service schedule from Caltrain Station.

With Mountain View companies welcoming workers back to the office, the Mountain View Transportation Management Association (MTMA) resumed operations of its MVgo shuttles July 12.

Serving those who work and live in Mountain View, Calif.,, the shuttle service resumed four loop routes from the Mountain View Transit Center with changes that include new routes, reduced service levels and increased safety measures that align with the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority’s policies, including a mask-wearing requirement on vehicles and bus stops.

The changes for the routes include modifications to various shuttle stops, the addition of new shuttle stops in the San Antonio area and new route names and schedules that align with current Caltrain schedules. The frequency of MVgo shuttles will increase as ridership grows. Full information on new routes is available on MVg's website.

The MTMA will also continue to offer its Carpool Link and Guaranteed Last Mile Reimbursement programs. The Carpool Link program is offered through a partnership with Waze Carpool, offering free rides for trips within 10 miles and subsidies for people commuting to or from the Mountain View area. The Guaranteed Last Mile program offers reimbursements for commuters on any type of transportation to and from any MVgo stop location.

“After studying MVgo’s ridership prior to the pandemic and the rate at which members of the community are heading back to the office, we’ve implemented these route changes to make the MVgo shuttle service the most efficient and safe as possible for riders as we exit the pandemic,” said Tom Harrington, MTMA Board chair and global commute solutions leader at Intuit. “Our goal at MTMA is to provide a safe, easy, convenient way for people to commute to and from their jobs and we believe these changes will result in an improved service for everyone.”

MVgo’s free shuttles are available for public use during commute hours at clearly identifiable bus stops. The shuttle service and programs are funded by MTMA’s Member companies.