King County Metro partners with carpooling apps to offer discounts, incentives and mobility options for commuters

Dec. 4, 2018
King County Metro is partnering with apps Waze Carpool and Scoop to help commuters find carpooling partners, providing more mobility options to area workers.

As the region prepares to face regional congestion from major public and private construction projects, King County Metro is working with partners to make it more convenient for commuters to travel together.

Metro is launching a new pilot program Dec. 3 in partnership with carpooling apps Waze Carpool and Scoop. Carpooling is a flexible and longstanding commute option that’s made even easier thanks to better technology through available apps. Commuters can choose to be a passenger and join a carpool trip at a discounted rate, or be a driver and offer a ride to earn incentives. The carpooling apps are free to download.

Building on commuter services that Metro currently offers, this program provides county residents and employees with additional mobility options to help reduce congestion, lessen energy consumption and improve equitable access to mobility. The program is available for all trips starting or ending in King County. Service areas and pricing vary across apps.

For commuters heading to or from Seattle, this program creates another travel option to mitigate commute impacts due to the upcoming permanent State Route 99 Alaskan Way Viaduct closure. With expected traffic delays during peak hours, commuters who are unable to telecommute or use vanpools or transit can help reduce their stress by leaving their car at home and sharing rides with others. To learn more about the upcoming closures and how to best prepare, visit the King County Metro Get Ready website.

By piloting carpool incentives, King County Metro will learn more about how to better serve commuters in the county. The project initially will last through the Viaduct closure period and depending on the results of the early phases, Metro might make adjustments to the program and consider whether to make it a longer-term initiative and how it could evolve over time.

Metro provides bus service that is the backbone of the transit network across King County and also is a full-service mobility provider – with services such as vanpools, new on-demand shuttle service to transit called Ride2, and innovative transportation solutions that fill gaps where riders need help making connections. Metro programs work to find solutions for people to support better mobility across the region.  

Easy steps to share a ride and receive carpool incentives

Service areas, pricing, and features vary across apps. Incentives are available for a limited time.

1.     Download a free carpool app (Waze Carpool or Scoop).

2.      Enter your trip locations and times.

3.      Get matched with neighbors or co-workers going your way.

4.      Book a ride and enjoy the benefits.