CapMetro revamps MetroBike to CapMetro Bikeshare

June 28, 2024
MetroBike services will be temporarily suspended as the transition to CapMetro Bikeshare begins rolling out later in July and is expected to come to completion in the fall.

Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority (CapMetro) will be rolling out a revamp of its MetroBike to CapMetro Bikeshare, set to launch later this summer. The upgrade will work to improve the bike-sharing service, introducing new equipment, a new app and more, offering improved public transportation options for Austin, Texas', bike-riding community.

Starting July 1, 2024, existing MetroBike services will be temporarily suspended as the transition to CapMetro Bikeshare begins rolling out later in July. Full completion is expected in the fall.

"The transition to CapMetro Bikeshare represents our dedication to providing innovative, sustainable and convenient transportation options for Austin,” said Dottie Watkins, CapMetro president and CEO.  “We’re thrilled to offer these new e-assist bikes, enhanced docking stations and improvements to ensure a better biking experience and make it easier and more enjoyable to navigate our city.”

With CapMetro Bikeshare, customers will be able to experiance new features designed to make bike commuting more convenient and enjoyable:

  • A new fleet of 100 percent electric assist bikes: These e-assist bikes require pedaling but provide an automatic motor assist, making rides smoother and more efficient.
  • New docking stations: Modern docking stations will be installed at existing locations, with a few new additional stations to better serve our community.
  • More stable ride: With a durable bike frame and inline battery placement, the new bikes offer a more stable and comfortable ride.
  • Convenient pass-purchasing: The new Bikeshare App allows for easy pass purchasing and management, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Annual and 31-day pass purchases were paused on June 1 as part of the transition. Existing MetroBike memberships will transfer to CapMetro Bikeshare. Customers with existing memberships will receive an email with instructions on how to transfer their account to the new system.

The service enhancement was made possible in part through an  $11.3 million dollar federal grant award to expand and enhance Austin’s bike share program. In January 2024,  CapMetro announced a partnership with PBSC Urban Solutions, Inc. to expand the program.