Brampton, Ontario launches second year e-scooter pilot program

May 8, 2024
Brampton's e-scooter program has supported mobility and accessibility while addressing transportation equity.

Brampton, Ontario, has launched the second year of its e-Scooter Pilot Program. Following a successful first year, this program is maintaining its goal of improving urban mobility and enhancing sustainable transportation options for residents and visitors. 

In year two, the city will remain committed to creating a comprehensive Active Transportation Network. Brampton’s Active Transportation Master Plan​ is focused on establishing safe, integrated transportation choices and new modes, contributing to civic sustainability and emphasizing walking, cycling and transit.

“Embracing innovation and sustainability while offering accessible and active transportation options is a priority for the city and this pilot program does just that," said Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown. "We are excited to be working with our partners again this year to increase transportation options for Brampton residents and visitors, showcasing a community where accessibility meets environmental consciousness.” 

The e-scooter program supports mobility and accessibility, addresses transportation equity, provides additional travel options that are sustainable, while placing Brampton at the forefront of the next generation’s shift to new ways of moving and getting around the city.

Coming up this year, the city will release up to 900 e-scooters throughout the city by partners Neuron Mobility, Bird Canada and Scooty Mobility. The city will also be implementing a hybrid parking model that uses both designated parking and a free-floating parking model. In-app features ensure vehicles are returned to pre-arranged parking areas before a ride can end.