SFMTA partners with Lime and Spin to host Adaptive Scooter Program event

Oct. 18, 2023
SFMTA, Lime and Spin hosted the event to create and support an inclusive transportation landscape in San Francisco.

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) partnered with Lime and Spin to host a dedicated adaptive scooter event in front of Peacock Meadow in Golden Gate Park on Oct. 17. The initiative is another step toward ensuring a more inclusive and accessible transportation ecosystem for San Francisco's residents and visitors.

Adaptive scooters, equipped with features such as wider bases, seating and additional wheels, are designed to cater to riders with various mobility needs. They may be particularly useful to those who find traditional scooters challenging to ride. 

People were given the chance to get hands-on experience with a range of adaptive scooters from both Lime and Spin at this event. Participants tested out vehicles at the event and provided feedback.  

The Adaptive Scooter Program formally began in 2020. The SFMTA now requires all scooter operators to ensure adaptive scooters represent at least five percent of their on-street fleet. The permittees also offer different types of adaptive devices through their Complementary Adaptive Programs, which provide longer-term adaptive rentals free of charge through scheduled drop-off and pick-up.