A new bike share program is coming to the Houston Metro community

Sept. 29, 2023
The bike share program is set to debut summer of 2024 featuring 140 E-bikes at 20 solar-ready stations near transit hubs.

Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County's (Houston Metro) Board of Directors has approved a new addition to the agency's transportation services. A new bike share program will be implemented and launched in the summer of 2024 which will help expand mobility options for riders by tackling first-last mile connectivity challenges for those using transit.

Houston Metro Board Chair Sanjay Ramabhadran said integrating bike share with other transit services is a big step in making METRO's transportation system more accessible, equitable and eco-friendlier, while also giving people more choices.

"We're excited to embark on a bike share initiative that will enhance connectivity to METRO's existing transit services and better serve the diverse needs of commuters within the region." said Ramabhadran.

Key features of the program include:

  • Strategic Placement and Integration with Transit: Houston Metro's new bike share program will feature 140 E-bikes at 20 solar-ready stations near transit. hubs, with potential growth to 100 stations. This integrated solution makes it easier for commuters to combine biking with public transit, addressing first-last mile challenges and enhancing mobility.
  • Effortless Payment and Access: Houston Metro's bike share integration into its ADA-compliant fare payment system ensures an easier user experience.
  • With the Houston Metro Trip App, customers will be able to conveniently access both public transit and the bike share network. This unified platform will enable riders to effortlessly find bikes, check availability, and make payments, making multimodal transportation a hassle-free reality.
  • Affordable Pricing: The program will offer affordable pricing options, making it a more accessible transportation alternative.