Veo bringing new bikes and standing scooters to Washington, D.C., area

Feb. 17, 2023
The new vehicle options bring micromobility to the area and opens up new connections to Alexandria, Va. and Arlington, Va.

Veo is partnering with The District of Columbia to bring 720 Cosmo-E class 2 e-bikes and 720 Astro standing scooters to the city. Veo began deploying its mixed fleet of vehicles on Feb. 16. Veo’s deployment in the district opens up new connections to Alexandria, Va. and Arlington, Va., where Veo has operated since fall 2022.

“We are thrilled to see how popular this program is in the district and the great impact dockless scooters and bikes are having toward Mayor Muriel Bowser’s sustainability goals. With VeoRide successfully completing DDOT’s stringent permitting process, it will now help meet the ever-increasing demand for more devices and greater accessibility, something residents can now follow online in real-time,” said Director of District Department of Transportation Everett Lott.

 Veo’s launch brings a new vehicle type to the district’s program: the Cosmo-E, a class 2 throttle-assist e-bike. The throttle allows riders to get where they need to go if they are unable to pedal, need support traveling up hills, or want a boost to get up to speed from a stopped position. Veo offers the shared micromobility industry's only throttle-assist e-bike. 

“We are honored to partner with the District of Columbia to expand sustainable transportation options with our most accessible e-bike yet,” said Candice Xie, Veo’s co-founder and CEO. “If we want to accelerate adoption of shared scooters and bikes, we need to follow the data. Veo’s throttle-assist e-bike receives four times as many rides per day as our pedal-assist e-bike. When we deploy vehicles that are in demand, more people will ride and cities can reach their clean transportation goals faster.” 

Veo’s Cosmo-E and Astro will contribute to the district’s mixed fleet of micromobility options. Mixed fleets aim to offer something for everyone, from the parent who prefers a throttle-assist e-bike to make it home in time for dinner, to the young professional who wants to get to work on a standing scooter. Veo user research confirms the importance of mixed fleets: Riders between the ages of 18-25 prefer Veo’s stand-up Astro scooter while riders aged 26-plus prefer Veo’s seated Cosmo vehicles. Cosmo vehicles are also favored for longer trips, with riders traveling about one mile longer on Cosmos than stand-up scooters.   

Meet the fleet

The Cosmo-E and Astro are equipped with Veo’s latest operating system, meaning full compliance with local geofences and regulations and Veo Voice, an on-vehicle audible feature that alerts riders and makes it easier to understand when they are entering slow-ride or no-ride zones. Both vehicles also include a swappable battery system, which lets Veo technicians swap the battery pack on-site, enabling vehicles to be available 24/7.  

 Cosmo-E features

  •  Both a motor and pedals, giving users the option of pedaling or using the throttle to get where they want to go.
  • Large tires and a well-balanced frame with a low center of gravity.
  • 18-inch alloy wheels for performance and control.
  • Active brake lights and glow-in-the-dark painted decals to increase safety and visibility at night.

 Astro 4 features

  •  Active brake lights and the industry’s first integrated turn signal with flashing rear blinkers, allowing riders to communicate their movements to fellow road users while keeping their grip on the handlebars.
  • Bright under-deck lighting, in addition to front and rear lights, which increases rider safety by making the scooters easier to see during evening hours.
  • 10-inch pneumatic wheels provide a more stable riding experience on changing terrain.
  • Front and rear suspension for a smoother ride with improved stability and control.