WA: Jefferson Transit Opens Bike Barn

April 26, 2018
Jefferson County commuters now have a place to stash their bikes, helmets and clothes since the opening of the bike barn at the Jefferson Transit Center at Four Corners Road.

Jefferson Transit held a grand opening Monday afternoon to present its newest building, the bike barn, and to show off some additional facility enhancements.

Tammi Rubert, Jefferson Transit Authority general manager, said that, through grants from the U.S. Department of Transportation, Washington state and Jefferson County government, the Transit Center at 63 Four Corners Road now boasts 50 additional parking spaces, two electric vehicle parking spaces that can charge up to four vehicles, and a bike barn that securely houses up to 16 bicycles under shelter.

The bike barn is open 24/7 and a freestanding bike rack that can hold up to seven bikes is located outside the bike barn.

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