Mississippi State University to start AV shuttle pilot program

May 17, 2024
The AV shuttle will be the first in Mississippi and will be launched in partnership with Beep, Inc.

Mississippi State University (MSU) will launch the state's first autonomous shuttle pilot program later this year. The pilot is the result of an agreement between the university and Beep, Inc., and will allow MSU to evaluate how shared and electric autonomous mobility solutions may act as a supplement to the campus’ current transportation options while also providing transportation planning research for rural-urban environments.

“MSU is a recognized national and global leader in integrating cutting-edge technologies throughout their campus to enhance the everyday lives of their students and faculty and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to pilot our autonomous and electric solutions on the MSU campus,” said Beep Chief Revenue Officer Toby McGraw. “Jeremiah Dumas, MSU’s executive director of transportation, and his staff truly understand the importance of being able to offer students, faculty and community members additional modes of transportation to safely travel between key points on campus. We are looking forward to seeing how our shared autonomous mobility solutions can both provide a valuable transportation option for the campus while integrating seamlessly into current transportation solutions.”

Beep says it continues to place heavy emphasis on pilot program safety, accessibility, sustainability and efficiency and will continue to work closely with the Mississippi Department of Transportation and various safety administrations for approvals on this test program.

The pilot will utilize two 11-passenger, attendant-led autonomous and electric shuttles and will operate on different routes between the core campus, student housing and popular entertainment locations. Throughout the program, MSU will be collecting valuable information and data from riders to help determine the best routes, ridership and more.