On-demand transit upgrades at LeeTran, Valley Regional Transit, Waco Transit System

May 1, 2024
LeeTran has launched a new on-demand transit app, VRT has extended its hours of operations in the city of Eagle and TRC has launched a new on-demand service in Waco, Texas.

LeeTran, Valley Regional Transit (VRT) and The Routing Company (TRC) have launched new on-demand technologies, expanded service hours and new services to better serve their communities.  


The LeeTran ULTRA On Demand Transit service in Lehigh Acres and Bonita Springs, Fla., is launching a new mobile app for its on-demand transit service on May 6. Riders will no longer need to use Uber to book their ULTRA On Demand trips. The free ULTRA On Demand Transit branded app has already been made available for download on mobile devices.  

Through the app, riders will be able to more seamlessly connect to the trips that are available through the agency and choose what best suits their destination and time.  


Riders utilizing VRT for its transportation needs will now have increased transportation options through the agency's extended operation hours in the city of Eagle, Idaho. VRT has opened up operating hours from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday, effective May 1. The expansion in service hours also extends customer service availability by one hour on weekday evenings.  

“We are thrilled to introduce these extended service hours for our Eagle on-demand service,” said VRT CEO Elaine Clegg. “At VRT, we continually look to improve our services and better serve the residents of our community. The city of Eagle staff and leadership have been supportive of identifying ways to expand transportation options and stay within our respective budgets and we are thankful for their support. These expanded hours offer more opportunities for work commutes, school trips and more.” 

Riders are picked up near their location and dropped off near their destination within the service zone. With the extended hours, commuters will now be able to enjoy the flexibility of scheduling rides earlier in the morning or later in the evening, accommodating a wider range of travel needs. 

The service zone includes most of the city of Eagle, with boundaries of Beacon Light Road, Chinden Boulevard, Highway 16 and Horseshoe Bend Road. It also connects to the intersection of Gary & Bunch in Boise, Idasho, The Village at Meridian and the St. Luke’s Meridian campus. 


A new on-demand service has been successfully launched by TRC in Waco, Texas, in partnership with the Waco Transit System (WTS) with the Ride Pingo app. The service launched on April 29 and operates under the name Micro Dash, serving the South Hewitt, Central and Northcrest areas with a total of six vehicles.  

“We’re thrilled to support Waco Transit System in its quest to bring efficient, demand-responsive, and user-oriented on-demand transit to the community,” said James Cox, CEO, TRC. “We’re excited to help more citizens access extensive flexible transit alternatives across Texas.” 

The on-demand Micro Dash service is the first phase of WTS’s three-phase launch. A later phase aims to commingle paratransit with Micro Dash in the city of Waco using TRC’s Pingo Access. The third phase, planned for the fall, will incorporate TRC’s Pingo Rural™ across McLennan County. Pingo Rural™ is a package to supercharge rural transit with on-demand and commingled service optimized for rural deployments. 

"Launching the Waco Transit System Micro Dash program, in partnership with TRC, demonstrates our commitment to enhancing public transportation for the Waco community. By focusing on increased frequency, efficiency, equity and convenience, we are addressing key aspects that can significantly improve the overall transit experience for our riders," said Serena Stevenson, general manager, Waco Transit System. "We believe, by offering Micro Dash, WTS will indeed meet commuters where they are, providing them with a more accessible and convenient way to travel. We are committed to innovation and to improving transit options in Waco." 

TRC is supporting Waco’s on-demand transit needs with its full suite of Pingo products. 

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