2021 40 Under 40: Joseph D'Urso

Nov. 23, 2021
Joseph D’Urso, Vice President, City View Bus Sales & Service LTD
  • One word to describe yourself: Motivated
  • Fun fact about yourself: I graduated from culinary school.
  • Favorite station or stop that you have ever visited or frequent (and why): London tube, seeing the amount of people that rely on transit to get them to their jobs. It made me realize how important public transit is.

Joseph D’Urso comes from a family of entrepreneurs who have been in the transit business for more than two decades. Many of D’Urso’s clients nominated him for this award, citing his ambition, work ethic and strong passion for the bus industry. As vice president of City View Bus Sales and Service LTD, he specializes in business and product growth, client management and marketing strategy.

He is described as a team-player with unlimited potential and an eye for finding opportunities and developing niche markets, in addition to increasing market and brand exposure for existing companies.

One of D’Urso’s clients explained working with D’Urso to bring a new type of vehicle to market. From the onset, D’Urso was determined to not be bound by the traditional way of doing things and asked ‘How do we make it better? What can we do to improve the rider’s experience while improving vehicle performance?’

D’Urso is also described as a tireless advocate for his customers, who ensures each bus, van or coach purchased has the functionality and features they need. One colleague called his commitment to customer satisfaction remarkable and explained he challenges his suppliers and business partners regularly to find the best-in-class solutions for every vehicle.

As a member of many transportation associations and organizations, D’Urso has proved himself to be an integral part of the transit industry. From reviewing and making recommendations for new vehicle specifications and standards to promoting the industry in general, he is always working with others to improve the transit market.

D’Urso’s dedication to increasing the overall safety of every passenger and driver is unparalleled. He is constantly searching out the latest innovations and technologies to bring the most current safety features to every vehicle he sells. Even if he does not get the sale, he makes himself available as a resource to help.

Is there a specific experience that led you to where you are today?

I grew up around buses, and specialty vehicles. Since I was young boy, I was always fascinated with the automotive industry.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Helping others find the right product for their application. I enjoy the relationships I build with my customers that lead into long term friendships. A satisfied customer is extremely rewarding to me as it lets me know I did a good job, and in return brings more potential customers to me.

What’s the most challenging part of your job?

There are no challenges, just learning experiences that will help me grow as a professional. As I gain knowledge through challenging scenarios, I can pass my knowledge down to my team.

Accomplishment you’re most proud of and why?

My first bus sale at the age of 21. Being in the industry at such a young age, I wasn’t taken seriously as youth and inexperience was seen as a weakness to many at the time. A gentleman saw my eagerness to learn about his operation and gave me the opportunity. I closed a 30-bus deal valued at $14 million.

Best advice/tip/best practice to share from your area of expertise?

Work hard, never give up, the customer always comes first.