Expo Products Wednesday

Oct. 13, 2014

FlexPlay Pro 7: Icon-Driven Playback Software with Driver Report Card


Designed as a completely self-managed driver coaching system, FlexPlay Pro 7 eliminates the need for a third-party solution and its monthly fees.

View surveillance footage in two interchangeable playback modes – standard mode and driver report card mode – each featuring familiar icons for easy navigation.

In driver report card mode, FlexPlay Pro 7 simultaneously displays footage and an easy-to-use report card form for quick reference in identifying driver improvements and diagnosing risky behavior trends. Personalize each report card with driver-specific notes of required behavior modifications or notable improvements. Each driver report card can be saved and output as several file types – complete with embedded metadata – for employee files, driver incentive documentation or future comparisons.

FlexPlay Pro 7's standard mode features GPS routing displayed side-by-side with video footage for an overall view of the trip, including speed, stopping points and event markers. Fleet directors can target specific signs of potential trouble by choosing types of events to be marked on the footage timeline.

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BYD Introduces World’s First 60-foot, Battery-Electric Transit Bus

BYD Motors Inc. 

BYD Motors Inc. is introducing the latest in their series of zero-emissions fleet vehicles – the world’s first long-range, 60-foot (18 meter) long, battery-electric transit bus.

This 60-foot articulated BYD bus was designed in the U.S. out of BYD Motor’s Los Angeles research and development site and manufactured at the BYD Electric Bus manufacturing site in Lancaster, California.

The first model built for the US Federal Transit Administration (FTA)-sponsored Altoona testing can be viewed at APTA Expo before it leaves for demonstrations and finally the Altoona test tracks this December.

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First Mile/Last Mile Solutions Bike Shelters Complete the Transit Connection

Duo-Gard Industries  

Bike Parking Solutions That Work

  • Secured Parking
  • Card Swipe or Key Fob Access
  • Solar Lighting
  • Cameras

Duo-Gard Industries

  • 13 Standard Shelter Models
  • Custom Design Build
  • Open, Partially or Fully Enclosed
  • Steel or Aluminum
  • Stamped Drawings
  • Installation in all 50 States

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First Transit  Technology Strengthens Paratransit Services

First Transit

First Transit is committed to providing safe, efficient paratransit services. First Transit has worked with client passengers and innovative technology developers to create software applications that meet the specific needs of paratransit passengers.
First Transit introduced one of the newest products in its suite of information products. Info-Client, a Paratransit Travel Companion, is a versatile and scalable mobile solution designed to keep passengers in touch with their paratransit service. Using First Transit’s Info-Suite architecture, this secure mobile application allows passengers – from any smart mobile device or computer –  to enter a unique ID and a personal password for a safe, secure connection to their service information.

This Paratransit Travel Companion utilizes scheduling and real-time information from the transit authority’s scheduling systems. The information display can be customized by the transit authority, using the transit authority’s own branding.

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New Panasonic 720p and 1080p Cameras with Optional Modules Deliver Crystal Clear Images and Unmatched Versatility

Panasonic Corp. of North America

Panasonic System Communications Company of North America announced two new HD and full HD indoor fixed network cameras with modular options. 

Further expanding its 6 Series i-PRO camera line-up, the new full HD 1080p (WV-SPN631) and HD 720p (WV-SPN611) models deliver advanced image processing capabilities and exceptional video quality and clarity for a wide range of video surveillance applications. The new fixed network cameras support two optional modules. The first module (WV-SPN6FRL1) adds IR illumination to the camera to enable capture of clear images in low-light or complete darkness, illuminating up to 100 feet with infrared light.  The optional RS-485 communications module (WV-SPN6R481) enables the camera to control third-party pan-tilt positioners and RS-485 communications.

Leveraging Panasonic’s advanced, next-generation UniPhier LSI processors, the new 6 Series cameras deliver high definition video images in 1080p resolution and an up to 133dB of dynamic range thanks to its enhanced super dynamic and adaptive black stretch (ABS) technologies, making the cameras ideal for challenging lighting conditions

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Seon Features Two New Mobile Surveillance Offerings

Seon Design Inc.

Seon has two new mobile surveillance offerings. A new compact, high-resolution digital video recorder (DVR), the Trooper TL-HD,and a new web-based version of Seon’s popular video management software, vMax Commander (v5.0).

The TL-HD is a compact, yet full-featured DVR offering pristine recording of four analog and one high-definition camera views at 30 frames per second simultaneously across all five channels.  Packed with powerful features such as a built-in inertia sensor, which triggers an alarm in dangerous driving conditions, it is also GPS-ready, to provide the exact vehicle location and route at the time of video recording. The TL-HD’s dual streaming feature lets you record a high-quality version of the event while providing a low-resolution stream necessary for viewing live video over a low-bandwidth cellular network. It is also WiFi-ready for automatic video downloading without having to go out to the bus to retrieve video.

In vMax Commander Version 5.0, Seon introduces a web-based version of its popular video management software designed to drastically reduce the time and effort required to locate, download and review video of an on-board incident.

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The Stertil-Koni Ecolift: Ideally Suited for Heavy Duty Lifting at Transit Agencies of All Sizes


The Stertil-Koni Ecolift is recognized as the industry’s original ultra-shallow, full-rise, in-ground axle-engaging lifting system.

Ecolift is engineered with a highly dependable hydraulic lifting system that operates quickly, efficiently, and smoothly — reaching a maximum lifting height of 70 inches in just 80 seconds. It uniquely combines high pressure, low volume hydraulics, while requiring a mere 3.5 gallons of fluid per scissor. 

The recipient of two U.S. patents, Ecolift is available in a 2-scissor or 3-scissor configuration, with total lifting capacity of 60,000 lbs. and 90,000 lbs. respectively. Even a tandem configuration is possible, with a lifting capacity of up to 120,000 pounds, and every configuration provides wheels free lifting. 

 In addition, because it has an installation depth of just 34 inches, Ecolift is the answer to a broad range of heavy duty lifting situations.  It is well suited for servicing transit buses and other vehicles with low clearance.  In addition, Ecolift delivers an unparalleled combination of superior lifting matched with an environmentally-friendly design.

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Thermo King Displays HVAC Solutions

Thermo King Corp.

The Thermo King products help transit operators meet their energy efficiency and sustainability objectives.

Thermo King, a leading HVAC supplier to the North American Transit market has been providing HVAC solutions for buses since 1956.  The company understands that one size does not fit all so it focuses on the customer’s needs to develop customized, value added solutions.

The Thermo King products help transit operators meet their energy efficiency and sustainability objectives.  These products include the fuel efficient Screw Compressor, theIntelligAire III microprocessor with advanced diagnostics and J1939 CANBUS communication capability, long life Brushless Motors, electronic capacity control for reciprocating compressors and a full line of all-electric HVAC systems.

Thermo King offers a complete line of products that help protect our environment while adding value to our customers.  Thermo King is proud to be a supplier to the public transportation industry.   

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VIA Analytics Launches Four New Products

Via Analytics

Shortly before APTA, Via Analytics will simultaneously launch four new products. 

On the vehicle side, Via transit synchronization system, Tempo is a proven solution to keep even spacing between vehicles while maintaining high system speeds. It runs as an app on inexpensive, networked Android tablets, giving drivers simple visual guidance to coordinate routes in real-time.

Via’s product launch will introduce two more beta-tested tablet applications to complement Tempo.

Via is complementing the vehicle-side applications with the release of an open, cloud-based analytics platform. The company believes that releasing analytics tools open-source represents a fundamental shift in how the transit industry turns data into information.

Releasing VIZ open-source means that agencies can freely use, view, and modify the underlying source code. In addition to reducing financial costs compared with proprietary software, open-source comes with a number of other benefits

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More Economical, More Flexible and More Comfortable: ZF Chassis Technology for Low-Floor Buses

ZF North America

New generation axle technologies accommodate low-floor buses and higher axle loads.

ZF will be rolling out a new axle generation for low-floor buses in two stages. Important modifications were made to the advanced driven axle back in 2011. Thanks to integration of functions for consoles and screw connections, the AV 133 will already be much lighter yet provide increased performance compared with the AV 132.

The further developed RL 82 EC low-floor front axle is also an answer to increasing weight due to the greater requirements associated with emission standards or through driveline electrification. ZF has adjusted the RL 75 EC independent suspension through design changes and by using high-strength steel. The load at the front axle thus increased by up to 700 kg to a maximum of 8.2 tons. The new RL 82 EC independent suspension fits into all vehicle models that before have been on the road with the RL 75 EC.

The RL 55 EC independent suspension's design allows for use in vehicles with a conventional high floor but also with a front-end section in full low-floor design.

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