Expo Products Tuesday

Oct. 13, 2014

Pendolino: A Different Kind of High-Speed Rail Solution

Alstom Transport  

Permitting any country, whatever its geography, to have access to high-speed rail required an innovative solution. The tilting technology developed by Alstom with its Pendolino platform makes it possible, on already existing tracks, to tilt trains on curves to maintain speed while preserving passenger comfort. In terms of investment, this is the most competitive solution on the high-speed market.

Pendolino adapts to the existing network and optimizes journey times. The Tiltronix technology, makes it possible to maintain speeds of up to 250 km/h in curves.

Infrastructure costs are reduced, the integrated ETCS system, complying with the latest ERTMS standards and operable under 4 different tensions, allows it to run on different networks. Pendolino also preserves passenger comfort.

The Tiltronix technology guarantees perfect stability inside the train in curves, trains are air conditioned and insulated to adapt to all types of climate. Cars are equipped with individual passenger information and entertainment systems

Visit Alstom Transport at Booth 1736.

Ride the World’s Only 40-foot Altoona Tested, Long-Range Electric Bus

BYD Motors Inc. 

BYD Motors Inc. is providing rides on its 40-foot battery electric transit bus during this year’s APTA Expo.

Parked just outside the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, the bus is currently the only known long-range, battery-electric bus available that has completed the Federal Transit Administration (FTA)-sponsored Altoona testing program.

With more than 1,300 already delivered and backorders surpassing 5,000 buses worldwide, the BYD 40-foot electric bus has become the most popular battery electric transit vehicle on the planet.

Visit BYD at Booth 5437.

Secure Bike Shelters Address a Growing Concern

 Duo-Gard Industries

Bicyclists make up a growing portion of public transit ridership and the most common complaint was that cyclists don’t have enough secure parking areas to leave their bikes behind and not enough space onboard to take their bikes along.

Concerns about theft are echoed by Duo-Gard customers from college campuses to office complexes to public transit sites.

Colleges want to encourage biking for both students and staff.  Commercial employers want to accommodate the rise in commuter biking. Public transit officials are seeing a rapid increase in cyclist transit riders who have problems in the first mile/last mile leg of their trip as they struggle for secure leave-behind bike parking or sufficient space for bike take-alongs.

Last year, Duo-Gard engineered a 94-slot shelter for MIT’s Maseeh Hall, a custom design by architect James Loftus of Miller Dyer Spears Inc. in Boston. It integrates card-key entry, custom solar lighting with special motion detectors, metal mesh walls and a shatterproof polycarbonate roof. Loftus told Duo-Gard that safety and security for the hall’s 462 students was a priority.

Visit Duo-Gard at Booth 2213.

Panasonic Introduces Long Focus Full HD Fixed Dome Network Camera

Panasonic Corp. of North America

Panasonic System Communications Company of North America announced a new full HD 1080p outdoor vandal-resistant and waterproof fixed dome network camera. As the latest addition to its 6 Series i-PRO camera line, the new fixed dome network camera is IP66 rated water and dust resistant and features a built-in long-focus variable-focal lens providing advanced functionality.

The WV-SFV631LT with its variable focal length of 9mm to 22mm is ideal for applications where the camera needs to produce an exceptional image but be located some distance from the subject, such as on a high ceiling in a large lobby.

Leveraging Panasonic’s UniPhier LSI processors, the new 6 Series camera delivers high definition video images in 1080p resolution and an up to 133dB of dynamic range thanks to its enhanced super dynamic and adaptive black stretch (ABS) technologies, making it ideal for challenging lighting conditions. The 6 Series camera produces high definition resolution at 60 frames per second, enabling the capture of exceptionally clear images of moving objects, and features the ability to encode up to four simultaneous H.264 streams while maintaining use of bandwidth via the UniPhier’s efficient shadow compression engine.

Visit Panasonic at Booth 1619.

Prelco Showcases their Quick Change out Window System at Gathering of Public Transportation Industry Leaders


Prelco is showcasing the new Montreal Subway Cars Passenger Window that can be changed in service in one minute and 10 seconds at APTA’s Expo.

Prelco’s new system gets installed easily form the exterior of the train. Prelco’s design offers the slick look of unframed glass while the OEM and transit authorities benefit from being able to install or change a window in less than two minutes.

Prelco’s design has light hardware that is concealed behind the glass or hidden by the door guide way cover, after installation. The windows provide a watertight installation without the OEM or maintenance crew having to use wet sealant.  With the ingenious use of a bottom extrusion acting like a hinge, the windows get installed with five screws. The savings in labor and down time are significant.

Visit Prelco at Booth 4807.

Liquid Cooled Components High on REO-USA’s List for APTA


Temperature issues and space/weight constraints fuel demand for new, wider range of REO-USA liquid cooled components for auxiliary and main drive converters in transportation systems.

In most converter applications and especially in the transportation industry, design engineers face heightened challenges ranging from cost pressures and space limitations, to product reliability and longevity issues. The solution for many lies in bypassing traditional air-cooled components for newer technology - liquid cooled converter components - which, over the past several years have been emerging as the Next Big Thing.

Tested under the same load, the air cooled brake resistor runs at temperatures 70 percent higher than a liquid cooled REO-USA version and three times hotter than a fully encapsulated component. Liquid cooled drive components can last up to 50 percent longer.

All of which is helping the company generate a following not only among innovative product developers, but also system integrators.

Visit REO-USA Inc. at Booth 4300.

USSC / 4ONE: Advanced Seating Solutions for All Transit applications


USSC will be displaying the most comfortable and advanced operator seats on the market at the APTA Expo.

The G2A seat is the highest quality air suspension seat available offering a  500 lift pound capacity.

The Gemini passenger seat was designed with ultra-light weight materials to reduce fuel  and maintenance costs. The seat shell has advanced ergonomics that balance both comfort and hip to knee requirements. The Gemini is equipped with germ mitigation options that help eliminate the transfer of bacteria in public transit environments and increase public safety.

The Aries passenger seat is the bestselling stainless steel seat in the North American market. This seat offers maximum hip to knee space, improved ergonomics, and durability. 

4ONE seats offer customizable seating solutions to accommodate all layouts. These options include flip seats to improve floor space without sacrificing seating capacity and perimeter seating options which do not compromise aisle width.

4ONE will also be showing stanchion and barrier solutions to retrofit forward facing flip seats as well.

Visit USSC/4One at Booth 1527.

Wabtec Corp. and Subsidiaries to Exhibit at APTA Expo

Wabtec Transit Division

The Wabtec exhibit will feature a wide range of technologically advanced products and services.

Wabtec Corp. and its subsidiaries, Bach-Simpson, Barber Spring, Microphor, Mors Smitt, MotivePower, Railroad Friction Products, Ricon, Swiger Coil, TransTech,Turbonetics, Vapor Bus International, Vapor Stone Rail Systems, Wabtec Passenger Transit, and Wabtec Railway Electronics will exhibit.

The Wabtec exhibit will feature a wide range of technologically advanced products and services including: brake & friction; doors; couplers; current collecting; sanitation systems; passenger accessibility devices; electronics & control; power transfer systems; locomotives; coil springs; turbochargers, and service, overhaul and retrofit.

Visit Wabtec in Booth 5223.

Always in the Right Gear: ZF Bus Transmissions — from Manual to Automatic

ZF North America

ZF bus transmission products range from the new EcoShift manual transmission, which can be extended on a modular basis, the EcoLife 6-speed automatic transmission, which ensures smooth start-up performance and low noise, through to the AS Tronic lite automatic transmission system, which ZF also offers for light buses in intercity bus and coach operation.

ZF bus transmission products range from the new EcoShift manual transmission, which can be extended on a modular basis, the EcoLife 6-speed automatic transmission, which ensures smooth start-up performance and low noise, through to the AS Tronic lite automatic transmission system, which ZF also offers for light buses in intercity bus and coach operation.

With the EcoShift, ZF created a new model range of manual bus transmissions that is designed to meet future market requirements. The basis is a 6-speed manual basic transmission which is used as a platform for additional transmission variants and thus forms the basis for a modular kit.

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