Expo Product Highlights

Oct. 5, 2011

See Colors at Night

Axis Communications - Booth 2905

Axis Q1602/-E Network Camera is the market's most light sensitive camera able to produce color images in complete darkness. The camera incorporates Axis' Lightfinder technology, which effectively allows the IP camera to see detail in low-light conditions, as compared to conventional day/night cameras that provide a black-and-white image in darkness. Having demoed this camera for transportation officials around the world, the consensus is that it will change the face of perimeter protection, detection and nighttime surveillance. The Lightfinder technology is especially beneficial for critical indoor and outdoor surveillance of applications, such as on highways, railways, airports, transportation terminals and port protection.

A Passenger Service Module

Caprock Mfg. - Booth 1161

Caprock Mfg. announces it's latest product, a standard Passenger Service Module for coaches, featuring LED lighting with optional ventilation, colors, mounting and electrical interfaces. MVSS approved materials throughout.

New Bill Recycler Reduces Cash Handling Costs

Crane Payment Solutions - Booth 1355

The Bill-to-Bill 300XE bill recycler can reduce the number of visits to ticket vending machines for cash pickup and change replenishment by more than two-thirds, thus dramatically decreasing cash handling and processing costs for operators. These operational improvements are achieved while at the same time leading to higher rider satisfaction since riders can receive change back in bills rather than a bulk of coins.

The Bill-to-Bill 300XE can recycle up to 270 USD banknotes and has a 1,000-note cash box. It can recycle up to three different denominations and features true closed-loop loading. The true closed-loop loading solution of the Bill-to-Bill 300XE ensures replenishment cash being transported between the revenue department's back office and the TVM is fully protected and automatically accounted for end-to-end.

Keeping Transit Covered

Duo-Gard Industries - Booth 5323

For the latest in bus, transit and bike shelters as well as canopies, walkways and special purpose shelters visit Duo-Gard Industries for its broad product line of outdoor structures, consistent with LEED philosophy.

The latest entry in the expanding line of bike shelters specifically addresses the issue of security. The new Harbor model includes options for secured gates plus code, key or card access.

Styled as a three-sided, quarter-round structure, the shelter features translucent multiwall polycarbonate glazing in a choice of opal, clear, bronze, green or blue tints.

Framing for the Harbor model is heavy-gauge steel or aluminum and includes surfacemounted anchors. Standard sizes include 8' x 12' – 24' – 36' – 48'. As with all Duo-Gard bike shelters, custom sizes are available.

Duo-Gard also has a new line of solar stations, including standard and custom models. The solar-powered stations are scaled to the size of the project and the charging needs involved. A turnkey approach includes in-house design, engineering, fabrication and installation services, as well as technical support to specify, plus field support on photovoltaics, inverters and metering required to connect to the grid. Also, the structure's canopy of solar panels is engineered with continuous components, completely sealed against rain and snow.

The stations can be engineered to provide free services or to function with machines for payments, including credit cards, creating a profit center that would help recoup the initial investment. These solar stations are net zero energy structures, producing power that can be both used and stored.

Optimal Safety and Optimal Durability

Fras-Le - Booth 2075

Fras-Le brake linings keep passengers safe mile after mile. Designed for exceptional wear and reliability, Fras-Le products are engineered to resist cracking and provide excellent flexural strength, along with quieter braking operation. Innovation, efficiency and reliability: It all adds up to enhanced passenger comfort and safety, longer product life and less maintenance.

Fras-le, certified in ISO 9001, ISO 14000 and ISO TS 16949, has one of the best-equipped research & development centers in the world, including its own proving grounds.

Fras-Le manufactures more than 9,000 part numbers including heavy-duty brake linings, light brake linings, brake pads, clutch facings, motorcycle brake shoes and pads, molded and woven brake linings, brake shoes for railway and subway and universal flat sheets.

Efficiency and Cost Savings: Center Stage

Grayson Corp. - Booth 1177 and 2011

There are already more than 1,000 vehicles on North American roads that are fitted with Grayson cooling systems, and Grayson Corp. is currently working with the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) on a trial that will ultimately help WMATA to save money and optimize performance across its bus fleet.

A Grayson Cassette 2 Plus cooling module has been installed during the mid-life refurbishment of a 2004 Orion VII, where it is being re-powered from a John Deere engine to a Cummins CNG engine.

The project is part of a program to refurbish 240 vehicles. Grayson's cooler is designed to minimize downtime for servicing and it is also significantly lighter than the OEM and aftermarket products available from North American radiator manufacturers.

Grayson is carrying out a three-month, in-service, durability test at the height of the Washington summer, when the temperature in D.C. has been consistently close to 100 degrees.

Opening the Doors in Transit

Masats - Booth 457

Masats is an international reference in accessibility systems for buses, coaches and railways. It offers an extensive product range available on the market of pneumatic and electric doors, ramps, lifts and luggage compartments destined for passenger transport vehicles.

Masats offers a wide range of door opening systems that operate pneumatically or electrically for coaches, buses, intercities and microbuses, always with reliability and passenger safety and meeting international standards (EC 2001/85 and UN R.107).

Masats has its own electronic door control systems that are able to communicate with the multiplexed systems of different chasses.

The accessibility range for Masats includes manual and electric ramps for low vehicles and minibuses, as well as platform lifts that allow people with reduced mobility to access coaches. Above-floor, below-floor, telescopic and lift ramp models have been developed that may be installed on steps or in luggage compartments for different elevation heights, as well as specific lifts for coaches.

For the railway industry, electric ramp systems are available that allow people with reduced mobility may access trains, as well as sliding steps that are installed on low trains for the same purpose.

Made-to-Fit Custom Solutions

MTG Moltec - Booth 4849

Offering high-quality conduit, fittings and accessories, with more than 9,000 items in stock and an array of options for managing and protecting wires and cables are available. The engineering team works closely with both the machine shop and production teams to create the highest grade of custom solutions ranging from simple adapters to complex cable harness assemblies.

MTG's provides high-voltage cable harnesses running between the transmission and the battery in the hybrid bus industry. It delivers a flexible and dependable watertight solution that offers excellent oil, grease and chemical resistance as well as resistance to temperature, weathering and abrasion. The harnesses are built using high-quality conduit and vibration-proof connections in conjunction with metal shielding and custom terminations offering protection against electromagnetic interference. All are designed and assembled in-house.

New Technologies: Doors, Dryers and More

Norgen Inc. - Booth 4551

Norgren will feature an operating ADA-compliant internal door with obstacle detection. Norgren manufactures doors and door actuators in the United States to meet Buy America requirements. Norgren both sells components for in-house door refurbishment and offers full refurbishing services at its Littleton, Colo., facility.

Also on display is a light-weight air dryer based on new adsorbent technology that resists vibration, eliminates clay dust contamination, can be completely saturated without damage and reduces energy consumption by up to 90 percent.

Norgren's Railine components, validated to meet rail requirements for extreme temperatures, shock and vibration, and wide voltage tolerances will also be exhibited and attendees may pick up a Railine catalog on DVD at the booth.

Cool Technology and Increased Efficiency

Thermo King Corp. - Booth 1555

Providing HVAC systems for every type of bus, including coach, transit, shuttle and school bus, Thermo King solutions incorporate technologies to help operators meet their energy efficiency, sustainability and cost objectives, while optimizing comfort for passengers and drivers.

These solutions include: The Screw Compressor which helps increase fuel efficiency; The IntelligAire III microprocessor with advanced diagnostics and J1939 CANBUS communication capability which provides improved diagnostic and troubleshooting capabilities to help reduce downtime; and Long-life Brushless Motors and all-electric HVAC systems which help increase operational efficiency.

Vehicle Dynamics Simulation Goes Online

TUV Rheinland Rail Services - Booth 5250

TUV Rheinland Rail Sciences (TUV-RSI) has introduced online vehicle dynamics software that allows users to run vehicle dynamics simulations on-line with no technical knowledge of dynamics or simulations. Simply open an account with TUV-RSI and you can run full vehicle dynamics simulations from anywhere you have an Internet connection. Whether you are in your office, in the field or on a plane, if you have Internet connection, you will be able to run vehicle dynamics simulations and get results. Backed by Vampire software, TUV RSI vehicle dynamics online simulator will allow you to perform derailment investigations, investigate dynamic effects of operational changes, investigate effects of current or proposed track geometry on derailment factors as well as ride quality and effects of vehicle and wheel conditions on various dynamic factors.

Upload your current track geometry and see how your rolling stock will react to the current state of your track. TUV-RSI will store your results online and allow you to trend degrading dynamic behavior over time giving you the ability to be proactive to vehicle and track maintenance rather than reactive. TUV-RSI can provide vehicle models of your fleet to your account allowing you to model the dynamic behavior of your railroad from your own computer.

Innovative Safety Solutions

Vanguard ADA Systems - Booth 2901

Vanguard Detectable Warnings are liquid-applied and ready for traffic in approximately three hours for a worry-free, permanent ADA-retrofit or new construction. Vanguard non-skid seamless ADA Detectable Warnings are light-reflective, epoxy-based, and chemically and mechanically bond with the surface. No adhesives, no recesses required. No cracking, peeling or separating from the surface. Guaranteed for five full years.

Not just for new projects — now bring existing establishments up to ADA requirements as well. Available colors are standard yellow, white, red, blue and black

Tough Outdoor CA Wedge Camera for Mobile Applications

Seon Design Inc. - Booth 2912

Receive clear bus-exterior video in all weather conditions with the premium 650 TVL resolution outdoor camera that offers versatility and durability in a robust IP67-rated housing. The CA Wedge camera conquers rain and high-power pressure washing like no other thanks to an envelope designed to withstand extreme weather and prevent condensation.

With an imager that can rotate 350 degrees, mount the CA Wedge at any angle and end up with a horizontal picture — the camera is fully adjustable to increase the range of viewing angles. The CA Wedge supports lenses from 2.9 to 3.6 mm for wide-angle door-entry applications, and 16 to 25 mm lenses for identifying stop-arm violation vehicles. The CA Wedge provides color imaging in normal lighting and automatically switches to black and white in low-lighting conditions. Models with the optional infrared illumination deliver clear images up to 40 feet (13 meters) away in complete darkness.