Expo Product Highlights

Oct. 4, 2011

No More Lifts, No More Steps

Arboc Mobility

Providing low-floor technology below 30', Arboc Mobility will be exhibiting its Spirit of Mobility; the Spirit of Freedom model, designed as a simple low-floor for small transit and private operators; and now the Spirit of Liberty that will revolutionize the low-floor market.

The Spirit of Mobility is a VTM parallel electric hybrid, available with gas or diesel power. No plug-in charging is required and it features totally automatic operation. Other features include: 20 to 35 percent fuel and emissions improvement; automatic rotor decoupling for zero drag on the highway; 400 lb ft of available torque up to 30 MPH; low voltage (96 volts) for increased safety; manual disconnect switch for first responders; and more.

HybriDrive Propulsion Supports Electrification

BAE Systems

The HybriDrive propulsion systems now support full electrification of transit bus accessory systems such as air conditioning, engine cooling, power steering and air compression to further enhance the efficiency and performance of transit buses.

BAE Systems’ fully electrified demonstration bus recently hit the road, travelling from city to city throughout the East Coast to demonstrate how electrified accessories can improve fuel economy, reduce maintenance and extend battery life for fleets across the nation. The demo bus will trek on to the Midwest and West Coast to exhibit the benefits of hybrid propulsion and electrified accessories compared to conventional systems.

Two levels of accessory support options are available: a partial electric option that supports electrification of certain accessories, and a full electric option that supports electrification of all accessories. Limited EV mode also is available. 

These features can enable a fully electric bus in the future. The impact of these features on efficiency means that soon, you’ll be able to drive further in the city without using a single drop of diesel fuel.

Versatility in a Vehicle Washer

Belanger Inc.

Every transit operation is different — and so is every transit wash. Every Belanger Transit Wash component is free-standing so it can be designed the best wash for each agency — from a friction wash with low operational costs, to an accommodating touchless system, to a ‘hybrid’ wash offering the best of both.

The patented Gyro Wraps pivot through a full 360 degrees, hugging contours for a thorough clean while being gentle on mirrors and bike racks. Full-side washers and wrap-around brushes are available in single-hung or double-hung designs, with filament or Neotex foam wash media.

All wash wheels and mitter curtains are powered by energy-efficient, sealed electric motors ideal for wet environments.

The ‘hybrid’ friction/touchless wash can recycle 85 percent of wash water — using just 50 gallons of fresh water per wash. The smart controller shuts off power and water in less than one second between buses for the ultimate in conservation.

Automated Bench Test Equipment for Mass Transit

Diagnosys Systems

Transit authorities everywhere are facing increasing pressure to lower cost in all aspects of their operations. One method to lower costs is to demand a consolidated test solution for the increasingly complex electronic sub-systems in today’s light rail vehicles. The requirements for these test solutions have grown to the point where the need to isolate down to only a few faulty components is greater than 90 percent of the time.

Diagnosys Systems’ universal and automated S500FT BTE has become the answer for many of the world’s largest mass transit authorities, car builders and system level providers. These transit authorities include New York City Transit and the London Underground.

Diagnosys has extensive experience in supplying specification-compliant test equipment on the largest transit contracts most notably the NYCT R160. Diagnosys has many years of experience within the functional system, board level and semiconductor test industries. Combined with Diagnosys’ PinPoint II automatic diagnostic test platform, transit authorities and OEM’s are able to troubleshoot electronic assemblies and PCB’s to the component level in a more timely, accurate to cost-effective manner.

The S500’s universal nature allows for the complete testing of high and low voltage LRUs and LLRUs. These include communication, control, propulsion, braking, safety and many other systems commonly found within the light rail and mass transit industries.

Diagnosys will be conducting product demonstrations at its booth.

Improve Fuel Efficiency with a Behavior-Based System


DriveCam has developed new fuel management tools to improve fuel efficiency and fleet performance. Its behavior-based Fuel Management System, integrated into DriveCam Online, combines real-time in-cab feedback with online reporting and coaching to improve fuel efficiency – by up to 12 percent – and lower emissions.

The solution focuses on the driver – specifically on the three driving behaviors that have the greatest impact on fuel efficiency: efficient driving, idling, and speeding.

The behavior-based fuel management system solution features an easy-to-use four-step process:

1. In-Cab Driver Feedback: Provides drivers with real-time feedback on efficient driving.

2. Fuel Score Ranking: Combines measurement of efficient driving, idling and speeding into an overall Fuel Score, ranking drivers across the fleet.

3. Performance Tracking: Allows for easy comparison and analysis through a Fuel Management Dashboard.

4. Coaching & Training: Along with In-cab feedback, ensures sustained results

Safe and Sound: Emergency Communication

Emcom Systems 

Emcom Systems introduces the next generation in phone safety stations – The Paladin. These safety stations create a highly visible point of presence that gives patrons a sense of protection knowing that help can be reached in seconds. The refined flow of the design enhances a mass transit environment while the stainless steel construction makes it less susceptible to vandalism. Each side of the Paladin is clearly labeled with the word ‘ASSISTANCE’ and illuminated by an internal blue beacon for visibility. When the phone is activated, this blue light flashes to draw attention to that location. In order to meet ADA compliance for the hard of hearing, an induction coil can be provided inside of the unit. The front contains the international symbols for phone and telecoil for a clear understanding of the unit’s purpose. The Paladin is completely ADA accessible and compliant.

Customer Information and Revenue Generation

Let’s Bus It Publications Inc.

Let's Bus It Publications Inc. has been providing transit agencies with innovative customer information products for more than eight years. Recently it launched the NextbyText SMS Messaging Transit Arrivals System (real-time or schedule time) and the system is operating in three cities in the United States. The unique revenue model enables a very low cost to implement and no cost to operate.; a portion of the revenue is shared with the transit agency.


Lumichron is collaborating with the manufacturer of the world famous, iconic Swiss Railway Clocks – Mobatime of Switzerland and will present at APTA Expo, a genuine Swiss Railway clock, digital/system clocks and time systems.

Since 1938, the supplier of rail station and airport clocks for Switzerland, France, Germany, other European and global clients, Mobatime is the premier brand for innovative time display, time distribution and synchronization systems. 

Lumichron is a commercial clock manufacturer, incorporating and distributing the Swiss equipment. Projects range from a single exterior building clock, multi-faceted tower clocks to synchronized clock systems used in rail stations and airport terminals.

Lumichron will be exhibiting a genuine Swiss Railway clock, along with other high-quality Mobatime analog system/stand-alone, digital clocks and time-servers for networks. 

Heavy-Duty Shop Equipment For Your Garage

Maha USA

Maha USA is a complete workshop supplier, manufacturing more than 100 different products dedicated to the heavy-duty and automotive industries.

Maha offers a complete series of mobile column lifts, scissor lifts, PBBT-certified brake testers and wheel service equipment.

In 2010, Maha USA implemented an extensive range of heavy-duty workshop equipment consisting of low-rise wheel lifting systems, jack stands, transmission and clutch jacks, shop cranes, lifting tables and wheel service equipment.

Solve Infrastructure Challenges When Adopting CNG


Mansfield will be highlighting its new division, Mansfield Gas Equipment Systems. Mansfield Gas Equipment Systems (MGES) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mansfield Oil Company. Following the acquisition of Gas Equipment Systems Inc. (GESI) in March 2011, MGES was formed under the continued leadership of former GESI owner and founder, Larry Ozier. Ozier founded GESI in 1998 after a long career in the automotive industry.

The MGES team has engineered, supplied, constructed and maintained more than 150 CNG fueling station projects for customers spanning the government, transit, industrial and school transportation sectors. MGES projects represent nearly 20 percent of CNG stations in operation today.

MGES is a licensed dealer for Ingersoll-Rand CNG compressors and serves as the North American CNG compressor packager for Gardner Denver. The MGES-Gardner Denver compressor skids are fabricated at MGES headquarters in Rancho Cucamonga, California. MGES-branded fueling panels, fill hose assemblies and methane detection systems are also available.

Mentor Engineering Featuring New Technologies

Mentor Engineering

Mentor Engineering releases Mentor Fleet, a Web-based driver behavior and vehicle monitoring solution. Mentor Fleet helps transit agencies lower fuel and maintenance costs and improve driver behavior. Mentor Fleet is a new expansion to its robust transit ITS offerings. Mentor Fleet delivers vehicle telematics, driver behavior monitoring, reporting and maintenance capabilities to transit agencies. Using Cloud computing, the solution gives users the ability to streamline operations right from their desktop.

Mentor Engineering releases its online passenger information system, Mentor MyRide. developed for transit agencies, MyRide provides passengers with various means of accessing real-time bus location, status and schedule information online using a desktop computer, smart phone or regular mobile phone.

Features include: real-time bus departure information, real-time SMS, configurable alerts and notifications, real-time map updates and trip planning.

In order to get real-time bus location and status information to passengers, MyRide uses Web services provided by Mentor Streets Transit. Streets Transit is a fully integrated intelligent transportation system (ITS) solution developed for agencies to make their entire organization more efficient, keep their buses on schedule and their passengers on time.

e.S3-D Brake Monitoring System

MGM Brakes

MGM Brakes is pleased to announce a new product offering in electronic brake monitoring: e.S3-D for air-disc brakes (patents pending). The e.S3-D system builds on the success of MGM’s e.Stroke electronic brake monitoring system, which is widely deployed in Transit S-Cam (drum brake) applications throughout North America.

The MGM brake monitoring system monitors actuator function, caliper function, as well as air system function, and also provides optional pad wear monitoring. The internal sensing system is capable of detecting proper function of critical brake system components, and can detect a variety of brake faults and malfunctions, which may otherwise go undetected until periodic inspections. 

Combined with available pad wear sensors, e-Stroke Brake Monitoring Technology will provide maintenance with the assurance that brakes are functioning safely, between periodic inspections and long after routine maintenance is performed.

SAE J1939 defined brake fault codes provide easy access for monitoring and reporting of brake faults identified by the system. This can be achieved through AVM systems monitoring vehicle health on J1939, or fault codes can also be easily accessed through the vehicle diagnostic port or via laptop computer.

AccuStyle Mirror With Lightweight Design and Ford E-Series E-Z Bracket HD


Rosco has updated the AccuStyle Mirror with a new lightweight, heavy-duty structural core which reduced the mirror weight by more than one pound or 23 percent.

AccuStyle Mirror has been the go-to mirror in the bus and truck industry since 2005, and like all Rosco mirrors, is completely maintainable on an individual component basis.  

The new E-Z Bracket HD for 2008 MY Ford E-Series and up incorporates extra strength gusseting, connection and support points to the radiator structure under the hood. The new design reduces mirror vibration amplitude and resonance by up to 50 percent, and will be the new Rosco standard for all E-Series Ford fender applications moving forward. As in the original design in 2003, the outer appearance of the E-Z bracket HD continues to be the same high-quality, powder-coated, contour-fitting die casting which customers have come to appreciate for the aesthetic, breakaway and durability benefits it provides. 

The Latest Mobile Video Solution Innovations

Safety Vision

Safety Vision, serving transit fleets since 1993, provides comprehensive mobile video solutions that enhance passenger and public safety, improve driver/operator performance, increase ridership and revenues, reduce risk of fraudulent claims, and maximize operational efficiency. Safety Vision will be exhibiting the latest mobile video solution innovations, including its SVR-4100 and SVR-7200 mobile digital video recorders (MDVR’s), ICOP mobile video solutions, and SafetyNet Centralized Video Management System.

Onboard surveillance components include MDVRs; rear-, side-, and forward-view mobile-rated cameras; in-cab monitors; video-viewing and -sharing software; and vehicle monitoring software featuring GPS and wireless download. Advanced surveillance system technology enables the secure capture, automated wireless download, and simplified backend management of video, audio and other evidentiary data.