Expo Product Highlights

Oct. 3, 2011

Next-Generation CNG Commuter Coaches

Motor Coach Industries

MCI will display three models: two Commuter Coaches in clean-diesel and compressed natural gas (CNG) configurations and the industry's best-selling coach; the MCI J4500 in a corporate commuter design. One of the coaches on display is on its way to the Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT), which recently announced its first-ever MCI order for 84 CNG powered, 40-foot Commuter Coaches.

Exceeding top standards for reliability, comfort and durability, the MCI Commuter Coach is Buy America-compliant, Altoona-tested and available in clean-diesel, hybrid or CNG. Attendees can test firsthand the new ACTIA multiplex system, a 4th generation state-of-the-art multiplex diagnostics system, now standard in every Commuter Coach. The model also includes a new ergonomically designed driver dash with rocker switches and gauges illuminated by LEDs for easy viewing. Other options on display include three-point passenger seatbelts, wheelchair lift (with up to two wheelchair positions), Wi-Fi and 110-volt outlets.

MCI is featuring a special presentation Monday, Oct. 3, at 1:00 p.m, honoring two industry leaders.

A Stylish New Look for the Double Deck Range

Alexander Dennis Inc.

All three options in the Alexander Dennis Inc. (ADI) product line-up — transit, commuter and open-top — are set to benefit from a new look that will be progressively rolled out over the next 18 months.

The striking new appearance comes on the back of fleet sales in recent years to Vancouver, Toronto, New York, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., and Seattle, all of which have carved out a unique place for ADI double decks in the transport landscape of North America.

And, adding to the appeal of its high-capacity, three-axle Enviro500 models, ADI is also set to announce plans for a new, low-height, "go anywhere" double deck range.

These buses will have the same carrying capacity as existing models (around 100) and retain the maneuverability that has made the Enviro500 a big favorite with drivers — but, equally important, by virtue of their reduced height they will open up a raft of new route options across the United States and Canada.

All ADI double deck products are fully Buy America Compliant.

Creating CNG Solutions

ANGI Energy Systems LLC

ANGI Energy Systems, LLC, designs, engineers and installs innovative and reliable compressed natural gas fueling solutions.

Discover how ANGI meets unique fueling needs with safe, economic and reliable solutions that have low overall life-cycle costs. And, then learn how ANGI combines the industry's most comprehensive line of products — from dispensing units and fuel management systems to distributed control systems and compressors — with the superior customer support, exceptional application engineering, project management services and training programs that ensure successful installation and operation.

ANGI has been dedicated to hard work and quality for more than 25 years and its Quality Management System is ISO9001:2000 certified, meeting the worldwide federation of quality standards for more than 125 countries.

Strengthen Fleet-Wide Management

Apollo Video Technology

Transit managers are increasingly turning to software to extend technical capabilities, increase efficiencies, and save money. Apollo Video Technology has mastered both the hardware and software functionality of mobile video surveillance for transit, strengthening fleet-wide management overall. In its booth, Apollo Video will share live demonstrations of its Vehicle Information Management (ViM) software, a comprehensive application designed to mitigate the risk of video loss, reduce maintenance and operating costs and increase accessibility of video surveillance and fleet data.

Apollo Video will highlight how this software works with Wi-Fi and cellular networks, smartphone applications, accelerometers and motion detectors to increase agency access to critical on-board and situational information. Attendees will also learn how ViM provides reports and fleet-wide management of video clips and system health information. ViM is forward and backward compatible with virtually all Apollo Video RoadRunner DVRs, regardless of age or size of the systems installed throughout a fleet providing a scalable, fleet-wide compatible solution.

ViM Software downloads and stores all system, event log information and video clips. Information for each vehicle is then available for viewing anytime. Users can view video clips previously downloaded on-demand, or request that a new video clip be downloaded the next time the system is in within range of the network. The newest ViM release, the DVR Health Module, provides automatic fleet-wide health monitoring and diagnostics of on-board video equipment, which as a result of automated, wireless diagnostic reports, has reduced maintenance and operating costs for many transit agencies.

Apollo Video will also demonstrate live video streaming using RASplus software and RoadRunner mobile on iPhones and iPod Touch.

A Rugged Network Video Recorder

Bach-Simpson, A Wabtec Company

Providing excellent reliability, the TraxSyte Network Video Recorder (NVR) meets the rigorous environmental demands of rail transit and it will be demonstrated in the Wabtec booth.

For increased resistance to shock and vibration, the system incorporates a compact fanless design utilizing a solid state device hard drive; operating from -30 to +50 C.

The NVR system supports multiple cameras configurable to a variety of customer requirements (resolution, frame rate, compression levels).

The NVR interfaces to Bach-Simpson's Event Recorders for fully synchronized data between systems, providing date/time and key train data (i.e. Speed, Brake Signals, Bell/Horn) to the NVR.

Urea Solutions for Diesel Vehicles

Emco Wheaton

A new product totally eliminates the risks for accidental spillage and expensive contamination of fuels and will make refueling a whole lot easier for bus fleets, off-highway equipment and diesel trucks.

The Posi/Lock Blue will deliver safe, spill-free dispensing of urea. It is particularly targeted at the bus transit companies where vehicles are being refueled at the same location every time.

Posi/Lock Blue represents a major advance against other systems on the market which are open fill and which frequently results in a certain amount of urea being spilt each time during filling. When this happens the urea is exposed to air, the water then vaporizes and the ammonia will crystallize, creating a messy working environment. The urea might also run down the side of the bus staining paintwork.

The new product works because it is smaller in scale than Emco Wheaton's traditional Posi/Lock system which prevents it from accidentally being connected to existing Posi/Lock 105 adapters or any other refueling systems on the market. This eliminates the risk of cross contamination and ensures the purity of the “aqueous urea solution.”

A no-spill connection provides for a clean working environment and unmanned filling, allowing the operator to do other duties. Posi/Lock Blue is also lightweight and incorporates automatic shut off using vacuum technology, which ensures the tank is always filled to 90 percent of its capacity.

Low Flame, Smoke and Toxicity Interior Components

Bayer MaterialScience

The Bayer MaterialScience booth will be featuring a section of a passenger rail car interior with several examples of applications thermoformed from Bayblend MTR sheet. The material affords a lightweight, energy-saving option for compliance with the latest recommended levels for low FST (flame, smoke and toxicity). Typical applications include seat backs, trays, seating components, and wall and ceiling panels.

Bayblend MTR and Bayblend MTR AG with anti-graffiti protection both comply with US FRA DOT: 49 CFR 238, Appendix B flammability and smoke emissions requirements. They also satisfy Bombardier Transportation Standard SMP 800-C for toxic gas generation.

Two inherent characteristics of the material compared with other products can yield substantial energy savings in use. It weighs significantly less than either PVC-based low FST sheet or FRP. Also, its high strength compared with PVC-based products can allow designs with thinner wall sections, without compromising durability of parts in use.

In production, Bayblend MTR thermoforms readily on tooling commonly used with other sheet materials to form passenger car interior components. It draws easily into corners, and allows retention of design detail. Also, trim can be recycled.

Bayer MaterialScience manufactures Bayblend MTR sheet in an array of colors and textures at its US facility in Sheffield, Massachusetts. The operation is part of Bayer's worldwide sheet business whose network of manufacturing and technical support sites serves customers in all major global regions.

Durable, Comfortable and Safe Cushion Technology

Chestnut Ridge Foam Inc.

Chestnut Ridge Foam Inc. is a manufacturer of fire-resistant seat cushions which fully comply with FRA and FTA fire safety criteria. The advanced CR Safguard XL reflects cushioning technology which maximizes durability, comfort, and fire safety. Adoption of FTA fire performance criteria to govern bus vehicle seat specifications will eliminate the hazards associated with MVSS 302 polyurethane cushioning. Condensed specifications are available to ensure FRA or FTA levels of fire safety.

Recently added to the product line is CR Safguard XL60, a superb cushioning candidate for achieving maximum durability on thinly padded seats and seat cushion designs with dimensional height restraints.

Detailed performance specifications are available for easy inclusion into the seating section of vehicle specifications

Generating Revenue on the Go

Commuter Advertising 

Based in Dayton, Ohio, Commuter Advertising is the first transit advertising company to create, manage and sell time and location-based audio advertising messages on trains and buses in partnership with public transit agencies. Commuter Advertising provides advertisers a new media to deliver marketing messages to targeted consumers at relevant locations along transit routes. In return for access to bus and train audio systems, Commuter Advertising shares revenue with transit agencies, with the potential of relieving commuters of possible fare hikes and communities of possible tax increases. Commuter Advertising is the fastest growing transit advertising company in the Midwest and currently operates contracts in Champaign and Chicago, Ill.; Dayton and Toledo, Ohio; Kansas City, Mo.; Rockland County, N.Y.; and Seattle, Wash. The company continues to expand to new transit markets nationwide.

People Counting Technology for Stations, Platforms, Passages, Waiting Areas


Dilax is pleased to announce OptoCount, its newest passenger counting technology. Using networked video cameras, proprietary image analysis algorithms and a user-friendly software program (DavisWeb Enumeris), the solutions can measure people coming and going, wait times, surface loading, hot spots and more. Live charts display data graphically or numerically in near real-time, while user-defined "maximum occupancy limits" allow you to monitor crowd situations.

The OptoCount system can be seamlessly combined with our traditional Infra-Red sensor-based counting solution, allowing for complete coverage of platforms, waiting areas, passages and others.

The data collected can also be provided to your control systems to monitor passenger traffic on automated people movers, light rail, subways, BRT and other modes.

Dilax provides services to transit agencies, consulting firms, operating companies, vehicle manufacturers, retail outlets and more. The state-of-the-art technology, along with in-house consultation and project management all contribute to make customer satisfaction our No. one priority.

Safe for the Job Site, Emergency and Environment


DisposaCone is an innovative temporary barricade that easily replaces the traditional rubber cone, perfect for any jobsite, emergency scene or public event. Unlike standard rubber cones, DisposaCones are made from renewable resources, yet developed to be weather resistant. They are designed to hold up in wind and can withstand heavier rains for up to four days!

DisposaCones are 18-inches tall and easily fit under car seats, in trunks, toolboxes and in most motorcycle saddle bags. They will stick to any dry hard surface and even some smooth damp surfaces, horizontally or vertically. DisposaCones are highly visible with reflective tape for better nighttime visibility.

Ultimate Comfort, Durability and Ease of Care


New garments offer features like underarm vents, nano fluid repellency technology and a flex waistband aim to meet the needs of today's transportation personnel.

T2TM Shirts and Tek2 Shirts and Trousers are engineered to meet the demands of today's working men and women. These garments include features to enhance performance and comfort.

The T2 Shirt features include: flex underarm vent which allows for body heat ventilation and increased mobility, comfort poly-cotton twill fabric that delivers lightweight, soft feel while maintaining durability and ease of care, nano moisture wicking technology to permanently pull perspiration away from your skin, and stitched in creases for a professional appearance. Long and short-sleeve styles are available in a variety of colors and it is also available in Ladies Choice patterns.

The Tek2 Shirt features include the flex underarm vent, nano fluid repellency technology, long and short sleeves and also extra-long shirt tails to keep shirts tucked in.

Tek2 Trousers features include a new covert waistband that provides up to 3 inches of additional room, double hook and eye waist closure to prevent waistband roll over, triple-stitched crotch to prevent seam separation, nano fluid repellency technology, durable poly-cotton stretch twill weave, and available in Ladies Choice patterns.

The Elbeco Transportation Catalog features a full complement of uniform quality shirts and trousers available to men and women who work within the public and private transportation industry and free copies will be available in the booth.

Passengers Have Three Dimensions — IRIS Has 3D


Iris-GmbH Infrared & Intelligent Sensors have made significant research and development efforts to accommodate the fact that passengers have three dimensions. The solution is "IRMA Matrix."

The new IRMA Matrix automatic passenger counter (APC) system makes use of the modern "Time-of-Flight (TOF)" technology. TOF is utilizing the speed of light and breaking new ground in terms of extending the infrared sensor technology toward the third dimension. Infrared light is sent out by the sensor, reflected by the passengers and detected by the sensor. The speed of the light, i.e., the run time from sensor to object and back to sensor, is used to measure the distance between sensor and detection object. Since the speed of light is a constant and thus a very robust measurement, the IRMA Matrix sensor system is not affected by temperature, brightness, moisture, sun/shade contrast or condition of the background (reflecting or non-reflecting surfaces). Consequently, IRMA Matrix is immune against influences and/or changes of the environs.

The IRMA Matrix sensor makes use of infrared LEDs. It uses the phase difference between the transmitted and reflected/decoded signals and the runtime of the signals to calculate the distance between sensor and detection objects. A matrix of 500 image points is provided to scan the door area. By measuring the distance for each individual pixel of the image, the IRMA Matrix sensor enables the provision of true three-dimensional images in real time. The high number of image points allows for extreme high count accuracy. Distinction between passengers and objects — recognition of wheelchairs, strollers etc. — will be possible in the near future. Individual body characteristics can be taken into account and individual persons are detected even when boarding or alighting in tightly packed crowds or when boarding and de-boarding simultaneously.

The Simple and Cost-Effective Way to Make Wheels Safe

Nord-Lock Inc.

Conventional wheel nuts used on heavy vehicles loosen. This unfortunate and long-standing truth has resulted in wheels dislodging and causing accidents involving property damage, personal injuries and, in the worst case, fatalities. Productivity, delivery efficiency and operating costs are negatively affected. The new Nord-Lock wheel nut eliminates unintentional loosening of wheel nuts, the main cause of wheel loss. Based on proven wedge-locking technology, the Nord-Lock wheel nut is designed for both on- and off-road vehicles. It suits standard flat-faced steel rims, M22x1.5 studs and is easy to install. The Nord-Lock wheel nut is available this spring.

The Nord-Lock wheel nut safely secures wheels by maintaining a high clamp force even under severe operating conditions. When the wheel nut is tightened, the teeth of the Nord-Lock washers grip and lock the mating surfaces, allowing movement only across the cam faces. Any rotation of the wheel nut is blocked by the wedge effect of the cams. Once tightened, the Nord-Lock wheel nut cannot loosen by itself.

A Video and Data Management Solution

Seon Design Inc.

Seon has developed the ultimate solution to managing all the video and recorded data from a fleet. vMax Commander is a scalable software system that simplifies and automates regular tasks. In conjunction with Seon's Smart-Reach wireless solution, vMax Commander eliminates the need to manually retrieve hard drives. Use one convenient software interface to monitor vehicles, automatically download alarmed events, receive system health reports, and configure DVRs, all from the convenience of a central office location.

Receive automatic notification of alarmed events; monitor DVR, hard drive and camera status to ensure all onboard events are captured; automatically download recorded data from a vehicle while in the office; and manage your fleet with one software interface with convenient reporting tools.

You can manage video for one or more locations from a single or multiple vMax Commander station and you can manage users and user-rights through vMax Commander or via Microsoft Active Directory (LDAP).

Quick and Convenient Fare Payment

VeriFone Systems Inc.

VeriFone's TransitPAY is rugged, reliable, secure, and transforms the passenger payment experience by allowing riders to pay with what's in their hand, like an NFC-enabled smart phone or in their wallet like a contactless smart card, credit or debit card. Leverage TransitPAY's open payments infrastructure for fast and secure fare payments to enable riders to quickly pay and board — keeping them and your operation on time. And with TransitPAY you can track buses real-time with plug-n-play support for fare payment applications across a common "open standards" platform and share route details with riders via SMS text messages, website updates or bus shelter displays to alert riders of next bus arrival time.

Expand your ridership by offering the ease of mobile payment acceptance at the point of boarding with PAYware Mobile. Rugged, compact and packed with features that make accepting payments anywhere — on board or in line — convenient and quick. Securely accept payments for fares or concessions with the ease of a single swipe or tap of the card. With PAYware Mobile you can now accept many payment types, like credit, debit, NFC, EMV and non-EMV bank-issued cards as well as closed-loop cards such as MiFare cards.

VeriFone has deployed transportation systems around the world, from Istanbul to New York City and incorporates some of the strongest and most sophisticated data security protections in the world.