Expo Product Highlights

Sept. 19, 2011

New Bill Recycler Reduces Cash Handling Costs

Bill-to-Bill 300XE Bill Recycler

Crane Payment Solutions

The Bill-to-Bill 300XE can reduce the number of visits to ticket vending machines for cash pickup and change replenishment by more than two-thirds, dramatically decreasing cash handling and processing costs for operators. These operational improvements are achieved while at the same time gaining higher rider satisfation since riders can receive change back in bills rather than a bulk of coins.

The Bill-to-Bill 300XE can recycle up to 270 USD banknotes and has a 1,000-note cash box. It can recycle up to three different denominations and features "true closed-loop loading." This ensures replenishment cash being transported between the revenue department's back office and the ticket vending machine is fully protected and automatically accounted for end-to-end.

People Counting Technology for Stations Platforms, Passages and Waiting Areas


Dilax Systems Inc.

Using networked video cameras, proprietary image analysis algorithms and a user-friendly software program (DavisWeb Enumeris), OptoCount can measure people coming and going, wait times, surface loading, hot spots, and more. Live charts display data graphically or numerically in near-real-time, while user-defined "maximum occupancy limits" allow you to monitor crowd situations.

The OptoCount system can be seamlessly combined with our traditional infra-red sensor-based counting solution, allowing for complete coverage of platforms, waiting areas, passages and others.

The data collected can also be provided to your control systems to monitor passenger traffic on automated people movers, light rail, subways, BRT and other modes.

New Lightfinder Technology Debuting in AXIS Q1602/-E

AXIS Q1602/-E Network Cameras

Axis Communications

AXIS Q1602/-E Network Cameras offer advanced solutions for indoor and outdoor surveillance in low-light conditions, especially where users require color information in the video to enhance recognition and identification of objects.

In essence, Lightfinder technology effectively allows the IP camera to see detail and color even in dark conditions. The fixed network camera delivers progressive scan image quality at D1 (720x576) resolution in both indoor and outdoor applications and where light is poor.

In contrast to conventional day/night cameras that provide a black & white image in darkness, AXIS Q1602 can maintain colors even in very dark conditions.

Catenary-Free Propulsion


Ansaldo STS USA Inc. 

The TramWave is an innovative traction power supply system developed for light rail and tramway infrastructure that does not use overhead catenary. TramWave feeds electrical current to rolling stock safely and efficiently without using overhead contact systems or batteries and without creating traffic barriers. With TramWave, power is provided through a contact line that energizes the line only as the rolling stock vehicle passes over it.

The TramWave completely eliminates the visual impact of overhead catenary; enables easy application of power between the rails of new or existing lines; is safely crossed by pedestrians and vehicles; provides safety and availability in all working conditions; uses traction return current independent of the rails to avoid stray current; and allows for a positive and negative polarity for traction

TramWave is user-configurable for different types of vehicles (rolling stock and rubber tired vehicles.

Next-Generation Phone Safety Station

The Paladin

Emcom Systems

The Paladin phone safety station creates a highly visible point of presence that gives patrons a sense of protection knowing help can be reached in seconds. The refined flow of the design enhances a mass transit environment while the stainless steel construction makes it less susceptible to vandalism.

Each side of the Paladin is clearly labeled with the word "assistance" and illuminated by an internal blue beacon for visibility. When the phone is activated, the blue light flashes to draw attention to that location.

The Paladin is completely ADA accessible and compliant. In order to meet ADA compliance for the hard of hearing, an induction coil can be provided inside the unit. The front contains the international symbols for phone and telecoil for a clear understanding of the unit's purpose.

Engineered, Manufactured and Proven for Optimal Safety and Durability

Brake Linings

Fras-le North America Inc. 

Designed for exceptional wear and reliability, Fras-le products are engineered to resist cracking and provide excellent flexural strength, along with quieter braking operation. Innovation, efficiency and reliability: It all adds up to enhanced passenger comfort and safety, longer product life and less maintenance.

Fras-le is one of the largest friction material manufacturers in the world and is certified in ISO 9001, ISO 14000 and ISO TS 16949.

Fras-le manufactures more than 9,000 part numbers including heavy-duty brake linings, light brake linings, brake pads, clutch facings, motorcycle brake shoes and pads, molded and woven brake linings, brake shoes for railway and subway and universal flat sheets.

High-Performance Door for Heavy Transit Buses

Electric Door Actuator

Vapor Bus International - A Wabtec Corp.

Vapor Bus International will introduce a high-performance electric door actuator for heavy transit buses. This actuator integrates innovative electrical and mechanical elements to precisely control door speed and position, while minimizing power consumption. The mechanism maintains door panel position without continuous application of electric power, and incorporates a self-resetting emergency release.