UITP Grow with Public Transport

The Grow with Public Transport campaign is an initiative of the International Association of Public Transport (UITP). It targets policy makers worldwide and aims to raise their awareness of the urgent need for more and better public transport, highlighting the benefits of sustainable mobility.

With urbanisation set to continue apace in the years ahead, mobility is one of the biggest challenges facing cities worldwide. It is more important than ever to find efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly ways to transport the growing number of city dwellers and commuters.

The public transport sector has set out the ambitious aim of doubling the public transport market share worldwide by 2025. More and better public transport will help boost green and inclusive growth, enhance competitiveness, and create green jobs. It will also play a major role in protecting the environment and creating liveable cities.

Now is the time for policy-makers to take action by establishing a supportive policy framework for urban mobility, developing sustainable transport modes and supporting investment in public transport. Public transport stakeholders are also taking action to help boost their own business.