Next Stop with HART: Tribute to Freedom Riders During Black History Month -- February 2012

HART is honoring the role that public transportation played in the Civil Rights Movement. In recognition of Black History Month, February's Next Stop with HART features Dr. Bernard Lafayette, Jr. and Kredelle Petway, two of the original 436 Freedom Riders.

They are joined by Dr. Raymond Arsenault, the author behind "Freedom Riders: 1961 and the Struggle for Racial Justice", which helped shine the spotlight on the story of the Freedom Riders. The Freedom Riders were a courageous group that used public transportation in 1961 as a way to challenge segregation. The Freedom Rides took place on buses, trains and even planes throughout the Deep South.

"Freedom Riders", the documentary based on Dr. Arsenault's book, earned 3 Emmy nominations.

This video spot aired on City of Tampa Television throughout February. For more information on the Freedom Riders, visit