AngelVision Technologies Inc.

AngelVision Reaches Milestone with 1000th Customer Success Story

AngelVision Technologies reached an unusual yet impressive milestone when it announced that it has received its 1000th customer success story since the company was launched 12 years ago.

“It’s quite an achievement to receive this quantity of feedback,” said Stephanie Reck, AngelVision vice president of development. “One thousand times, customers took time out of their busy days to tell us how positively we impacted their companies, employees and lives. That’s pretty cool.”

Jingozian credits their success to a superior messaging model. “We choose selected elements of storytelling, solution selling and Neuromarketing. This is in contrast to most other marketing firms that rely on just one philosophy. AngelVision utilizes a combination of tools to connect with and educate their customers’ target audience,” said Jingozian.

“This achievement is confirmation that our approach is working and that we continue to be on the right track,” said Dirk Boekee, AngelVision vice president of operations. “Obtaining so many customer success stories clearly indicates that our products work across a wide range of industries,” said Boekee. “Every company thinks their sales challenges are unique, but if 1000 other unique companies took the time to tell us how happy they were with the results, then rest assured we can find the right solution for you.”