Valley Metro

Changes to Light Rail Fare Vending Machines Help Veterans, Disabled

Purchasing fares along the Valley Metro Rail line is becoming easier for many riders. With the lowering of 62 fare vending machines over the next three years, Valley Metro and the city of Phoenix are helping improve accessibility for everyone. ?The adaptation was prompted by Phoenix Councilmember Kate Gallego after a local veteran in a mobility device asked her for assistance in purchasing a transit pass.

"I'm proud that we are creating improved accessibility along the light rail line for all people with disabilities, including our veterans who rely on public transit who helped me to understand their challenges," said Phoenix Councilmember Kate Gallego. "Making our system as accessible as possible isn't just good for our passengers, it's the right thing to do."

While the fare vending machines along the 20-mile line meet height requirements required by the Americans with Disabilities Act, it was determined that lowering the pedestals under the machines would help all riders with purchasing fares. One fare vending machine at each station entryway will be lowered for a total of 62 machines. On future extensions, the lower pedestal will also be used.

"As a longtime advocate for public transit, I regularly hear how much the light rail system means for our residents with disabilities. They appreciate its ease of use, and by making today's changes we're making an already good system even better," said Valley Metro Rail Vice Chair, Phoenix Councilmember Thelda Williams.