Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (Metro)

Metro Credits Train Operator, Transit Police Officers with Saving Life

A Red Line train operator and two Metro Transit Police officers are being credited with saving the life of an 22-year-old District man who intentionally jumped onto the tracks at Rhode Island Avenue Station last night in an apparent attempt to commit suicide.

Metro Transit Police responded to the platform at Rhode Island Avenue at approximately 9:15 p.m. Tuesday for a report of a disorderly male subject harassing other riders. As officers approached the man, he suddenly jumped off the platform and onto the track bed while making statements that he wanted to die.

At the time the man jumped, the platform warning lights were flashing indicating the imminent arrival of a train bound for Shady Grove.

The two Transit Police officers radioed for train traffic to be stopped and, along with others on the platform, attempted to signal the train to stop by waving their arms. The train operator saw the activity on the platform and activated the train's emergency braking system. 

With the train still bearing down on him, the man made a last-second attempt to jump back on the platform. Transit Police officers pulled him out of the train's path with no time to spare.

The man was not physically injured, but was transported to a local hospital for mental evaluation.