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Ascent- Center for Technical Knowledge Offers Digital Site Licenses for Organizations with High Volume Training Requirements

Rand Worldwide announced that its courseware division, Ascent – Center for Technical Knowledge, provides digital site licenses helping organizations with volume training needs effectively control inventory management of their chosen courseware.

Ascent’s digital site licenses ensure organizations have immediate access to Ascent’s Autodesk, PTC and Dassault Systèmes courseware to best suit their training needs.

“Digital site licenses are ideal for those organizations who require larger volumes of training materials such as associations, trade unions, businesses, government departments and academic institutions,” says Ronda Wiley, business development manager for Ascent. “We customize our licenses for every customer so that they have access to the training guides they need, when they need them. In addition, a digital site license allows our customers to locally print the materials on-demand including the incorporation of their own custom covers, branding and binding. And on the logistics side, both shipping and inventory costs are eliminated so everyone wins: the organization, the trainers and, of course, the students.”

Success Stories

At Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, Sam Bondesen, an AutoCAD instructor, also sees tremendous benefits to using a digital site license both personally, as an instructor, and for the school.

“Our Ascent license for the Autodesk courseware lets us print the books as we need them,” says Bondesen. “The advantage for us is we can get them printed in house. I can order them one day and they’ll be here the next day. So we can keep track of how many students we’re expecting and print books directly for them.”

Another Ascent customer, an international trade union, is also enjoying the benefits of a digital site license. With over 300 schools throughout North America, the union was looking for a flexible option that would allow them to standardize on a high quality Autodesk curriculum option that was easy to produce and distribute across all of their schools. As the provider of Autodesk Official Training Guides (AOTG), Ascent was able to offer the union a digital site license option that included select titles in various quantities and allowed them to print a specified number of guides throughout the year; whenever and wherever union members needed them. The option also included access to a variety of titles and multiple release versions from which the union was able to choose specified quantities to print.

This flexible and on-demand print option allowed the union to provide its members with consistent, up-to-date, quality training materials for Autodesk software, saving both the time and cost of creating their own material. Visit Ascent’s website to read the complete success story.