Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA)

Suburban Transit Begins 'Pay as You Enter' in Philadelphia

Starting with the annual fall schedule change on Sept. 1, SEPTA will implement the “Pay As You Enter” fare policy on Suburban Transit Routes departing 69th Street Transportation Center.

This policy change is designed to shrink dwell time at passenger stops, reduce fare evasion and streamline travel for riders who will now be able to exit via the rear doors of buses without going back to the fare box upon departure.

“Pay As You Enter” is the way that fares are currently paid for travel towards 69th Street Transportation Center and is how passengers currently pay fares when using City Transit Routes. Now with every trip, passengers will use the same fare payment procedure now used on all other SEPTA routes.

Leaflets and signs notifying riders about the new payment procedures are posted at 69th Street Transportation Center and on  the SEPTA Website