Mountain Metropolitan Transit (MMT)

Community Invited to Provide Input on the Pikes Peak Region’s Transit and Specialized Transportation Plans

Mountain Metropolitan Transit and the Pikes Peak Area Council of Governments are holding a community meeting on Aug. 28, at the city administration building, Room 102.

The general public is invited to help shape the future of regional transportation in the Pikes Peak area. Input is needed to guide future planning for the region’s fixed-route transit system and specialized transportation services that provide door-to-door transportation for people with special needs.

Should future planning focus on a core area and where should key connections be located? Given funding constraints, what should the balance be between enhancing existing services with improved frequency (a bus every 15 – 30 minutes) versus expanding geographical reach? How can we coordinate more effectively among specialized transportation service providers? Your responses to these important questions and more are vital to the development of the 2040 Regional Transit and Specialized Transportation Plans. Despite the far in the future titles, these plans have more immediate consequences. They will outline a vision for both the near-term, over the next five years, and a long-term vision for the next 20 years. They will ultimately feed into the 2040 Regional Transportation Plan.

Even if you don’t currently use the local public transportation services, this is an important issue for all citizens to weigh in on. Good public transportation is critical to a healthy, vibrant community and helps boost economic development”, said Craig Blewitt, director of Mountain Metropolitan Transit.