CHK America

Valley Metro Phoenix Awards Customer Information and Transit Wayfinding Project to CHK America

CHK America President and CEO, Rick Wood announced Aug. 13 that the company has been awarded the customer information design project for Valley Metro of Phoenix.

The project includes the development of consumer-focused light rail and bus connection maps and Guide-a-Rides, as well as local neighborhood maps to support all connectivity and pedestrian wayfinding at Valley Metro’s light rail stations, transit centers and park n’ rides.

CHK America will develop clear and concise customer information, utilizing their “Psychology of Wayfinding” philosophy. This unique, well-researched approach is proven to reduce a rider’s cognitive load and making it easier to navigate Valley Metro’s system of fixed routes, light rail, express and rapid bus service. Specifically, the new designs will incorporate the company’s Spider Maps, which include color-coded routes and frequencies, key landmark symbols, and standardized wayfinding icons. As with all CHK America wayfinding programs, this project will align with the company’s proprietary “8 Second Rule,” which provides decision-making tools that help first-time and regular riders navigate the system with minimal confusion.

“Valley Metro is focused on enhancing the experience of our more than 230,000 daily riders. Through this partnership with CHK America, we will develop improved wayfinding signage that helps customers more easily and comfortably access our growing bus and rail system,” stated Hillary Foose, Valley Metro, Director, Communication and Marketing

“Valley Metro is one of the most innovative agencies in the country,” CHK America President and CEO Rick Wood said. “By integrating improved wayfinding tools into the agency’s Light Rail Stations, Transit Centers and Park N’ Rides, leadership at Valley Metro is making a statement about the importance of providing a complete wayfinding system which enables customers to transition between transportation modes more easily and extensively.”