CG/LA Infrastructure Inc.

The 2014 Strategic North American Top 100 List Released by CG/LA Infrastructure

CG/LA Infrastructure Inc.  on Aug. 12 released the Strategic Top 100 North America (NA) List of the 100 most strategic projects critical to revitalizing economic competitiveness and opportunity creation. Projects were selected over a six-month process, beginning with a preliminary list of over 400 projects and narrowed down using CG/LA’s proprietary ranking model. Comprised only of shovel-ready projects with business opportunities within the next 3-18 months, the 2014 Strategic Top 100 North America is valued at US$369 billion.

Strategic Objective

The objective of the Strategic Top 100 NA is to show what is actually required – in terms of financial and human resources – to rebuild the competitiveness of North America. Projects were selected based on their proposed contribution to long-term competitiveness and opportunity creation. “The horizon for our infrastructure vision should be based on 30-40 years, instead what is politically expedient for the next four,” said CG/LA Infrastructure President and CEO, Norman F. Anderson. “The projects included in this years’ list are a clear roadmap for revitalizing a struggling economy and improving our quality of life for years to come.” 

The 6th North American Strategic Infrastructure Leadership Forum

The Strategic Top 100 NA is the cornerstone on which the 6th North American Strategic Infrastructure Leadership Forum is built. Scheduled for Oct. 28-30, 2014 in Washington, DC, the Forum is a dynamic infrastructure marketplace focusing on strategic project opportunities and platform to provoke innovation in the industry. “The Strategic Top 100 prompts a serious conversation between public and private sector leaders on how to fund the infrastructure North America needs to maintain its competitiveness,” said Andrés Gluski, President and CEO, AES Corporation. “Today, more than ever, we need innovative proposals, like a national infrastructure bank and greater use of public private partnerships, to start building the infrastructure we need for tomorrow.”

Building Strategic Infrastructure

The Strategic Top 100 is designed to assist public and private sector leaders from throughout North America in identifying and rapidly building strategic infrastructure. All projects are invited to attend and present their immediate business opportunities at the 6th North American Strategic Infrastructure Leadership Forum. CG/LA’s region-specific Forums convene four times annually, each time bringing together a community of over 500 industry executives from all aspects of an infrastructure project lifecycle - including financial lenders and investors, law, design, engineering and construction firms, and owner operators – to focus on specific projects. The Forums are open to the public and registration information can be found at