Prelco Showcases their Quick Change out Window System at Gathering of Public Transportation Industry Leaders

Prelco is showcasing the new Montreal Subway Cars Passenger Window that can be changed in service in one minute and 10 seconds at APTA’s EXPO 2014 Oct. 13-15, 2014 in Houston.

EXPO is public transportation’s premier showcase of technology, products and services. Traditional window systems involved for the car builders (OEM) either bolting from interior or several parts to assemble. Prelco’s new system gets installed easily form the exterior of the train. Prelco’s design offers the slick look of unframed glass while the OEM and Transit Authorities (TA) benefit from being able to install or change a window in less than two minutes.

For the TA, installations using fulcrum rubber could be cumbersome to hammer in place when changing the glazing. Worst is bounded glass that is simply glued to the car body making it a hassle for the OEM for positioning and curing time, and a nightmare for the TA maintenance crew trying to remove an old glazing out and to clean up  the surfaces for a new installation. Unlike conventional windows, Prelco’s design has light hardware that is concealed behind the glass or hidden by the door guide way cover, after installation. The windows provide a watertight installation without the OEM or maintenance crew having to use wet sealant.  With the ingenious use of a bottom extrusion acting like a hinge, the windows get installed with five screws. The savings in labour and down time are significant.

STM describe them as panoramic windows. The concept maximises the vision area and provides passenger with a feeling of space.  The panoramic windows are one of the key features highlighted by STM officials.

In addition to this exciting new product, Prelco is supplying  a windshield system that is bolted to a sub-frame bonded on the bonnet which allows for a much faster change out time then their conventional bounded counterparts.