Yuma County Intergovernmental Public Transportation Authority (YCIPTA)

Yuma County Area Transit is Getting Better and Faster Aug. 18

Yuma County Intergovernmental Public Transportation Authority (YCIPTA) is changing bus service starting Aug.18, based on recommendations from its five year Short Range Transit Plan which was adopted by the YCIPTA Board of Directors on June 23. 

Some of the objectives from the Short Range Transit Plan which will be implemented will making YCAT bus service faster and even easier to use.

There will be better-timed connections to routes at Cocopah Casino, AWC/NAU/UA Transfer Hub, West Yuma Transfer Hub, and Downtown Yuma Transit Center.  Additionally, there will be two-way service on all YCAT routes.

Some key highlights for this service change are:

  • Two way service on Orange Route 2, Green Route 4, Purple Route 6A, Gold Route 8 and Yellow Route 95
  • 30 minute service during the peak period (6:00 am to 9:00 am and 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm) on Yellow Route 95, weekdays.
  • New service to Advanced Call Center Technology in San Luis
  • Yellow Route 95 and Orange Route 2 is the same bus - no transfer needed - no additional fare
  • Reverse service on Green Route 4 - known as Green Route 4A  which replaces Red Route 1
  • Service to Yuma Palms Regional Center is now on Orange Route 2
  • Service to Social Security is now on Green Routes 4 and 4A
  • Riders going to East Cocopah Reservation from West Cocopah Reservation can transfer to southbound Purple Route 6A at Cocopah Casino and only wait 12 minutes
  • Earlier service from Wellton to AWC/NAU/UA on Gold Route 8, plus new on-request service to AWC East Yuma County Center
  • Realignment of Silver Route 9 to travel through Somerton with additional morning trips from South County to AWC/NAU/UA.
  • Later Brown Route 3 service in the Fortuna Foothills on weekdays
  • Improved connections between Turquoise Route 10 and other YCAT and Imperial Valley Transit routes; and
  • Blue Route 5 is now a flex route within a 3/4 mile radius of the route and throughout the entire Fort Yuma Indian Reservation.

In addition, several service efficiencies will be implemented which includes:

  • Discontinuance of service to Z Fun Factory, Sierra Pacific and El Prado Mobile Home Parks and on 1st Avenue, 24th Street between Pacific and 4th Avenues, 16th Street east of Atlantic Avenue due to low ridership through surveys.
  • Reschedule of all routes to have true timed hubs at Downtown Yuma Transit Center, West Yuma Transfer Hub and AWC/NAU/UA Transfer Hub.
  • Seasonal Saturday service on Brown Route 3 in the Fortuna Foothills (October to March)
  • Movement of Mesa Verde and Orange Grove service from Purple Route 6A to Yellow Route 95.
  • Better connection between YCAT Turquoise Route 10 and Imperial Valley Transit routes at El Centro Regional Bus Transfer Terminal.

"The greatest thing of this service change is that for the first week, all YCAT routes will be free,"  stated John Andoh, transit director, YCIPTA. This will allow riders to get acclimated to the new routes and plan their new travel patterns.  YCIPTA will also distribute Rider's Guides for free this week as well. "We hope that Yuma County riders will like the new faster YCAT service being driven by National Express employees" stated Andoh.