IL: New Components Facilitate Harting Har-Speed M12 X-Code Connector Deployment

Harting has introduced complementary M12 X-Code components –straight and angled PCB receptacles and M12-to-RJ45 panel adaptors as well as an M12 gender changer – that expand the deployment capabilities of its har-speed M12 X-Code connectors.

Like the har-speed M12 X-code itself, these new parts have been developed to facilitate 6A Gigabit Ethernet installations increasingly common in machine and plant automation. The new straight and angled receptacles and adaptors meet the requirements for Cat 6A and Performance Class EA, with maximum transfer rates for 1/10 Gigabits. That makes them effective additions for the 8-wire Ethernet environment or for transferring signals. A mounting bracket also is offered for the M12 X-Code gender changer.

Harting created the har-speed M12 X-Code connector to meet the continuing growth in demand for eight-wire connectors to manage data from Cat. 6A processes, like the optical technologies – cameras and inspection systems – monitoring high-speed production lines.