Access Calgary Chooses GIRO's Software to Optimize Demand-Responsive Transportation Services

Access Calgary will replace its current demand responsive transportation software suite with GIRO’s comprehensive GIRO/ACCES software. The new installation will enable Access Calgary to provide optimized transportation services to thousands of Calgarians with disabilities by offering enhanced customer registration, trip bookings, trip scheduling and service delivery. With this new contract, GIRO/ACCES now supports the three largest public paratransit providers in Canada: the Toronto Transit Commission, the Société de transport de Montréal and Access Calgary.

The work will be implemented in three phases and includes the addition of several new features, such as GIRO’s analytics module which will help the transit provider analyze data trends to further tailor its service offering. An accessible Web interface will be customized to increase users’ autonomy in navigating the Web pages.

GIRO will also work with Clever Devices and Enghouse, two subcontractors who will respectively provide onboard computers and an improved interactive voice response (IVR) solution. Further benefits will result when GIRO’s HASTUS software, currently used to optimize fixed-route transportation services in Calgary, is leveraged to plan intermodal itineraries.

“We look forward to working with GIRO on implementing GIRO/ACCES and its web booking module,” says Karim Rayani, manager at Access Calgary. “The installation will go a long way in assisting us to meet the growing demand for our service in an effective and efficient manner. Our customers will be able to book their trips through the Web portal and receive timely service notifications and information.”

“Throughout the procurement process, GIRO/ACCES consistently generated superior test results compared to other software solutions,” states Serge Galarneau, general manager routing at GIRO. “This contract marks an important milestone and we look forward to working with Access Calgary to provide their users with the most cost-effective and timely service possible.”