DC: Statement by Building America’s Future on U.S. Senate’s Passage of Short Term Patch on the Highway Trust Fund

On July 31, Building America’s Future co-chairs Ray LaHood and Ed Rendell released the following statement following the United States Senate’s passage of a short-term patch to the Highway Trust Fund:

“I am happy that the Senate acted to patch the Highway Trust Fund before its imminent bankruptcy further disrupted states’ projects,” said BAF co-chair and former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell. “However, it is critical for Congress to establish a long-term and sustainable funding solution for the Trust Fund so the same exact crisis doesn’t occur again in a few months. Congress has to stop kicking the can down the road. This country needs a comprehensive solution aimed at ensuring the stability and solvency of the Highway Trust Fund for years – not months – to come.”

“Today’s action in the Senate is crucial for our friends and neighbors across the nation whose jobs and livelihoods depend on the Highway Trust Fund at the height of the summer construction season,” said BAF co-chair and former Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood. “But at a time when America’s crumbling roads and bridges are causing constant travel delays and headaches, these short-term fixes are just plain short-sighted. The strength of our nation’s economy rests on Congress finding a long-term solution so we can repair and modernize our roads, rails and bridges for the long haul.”