Bitimec International Inc.

Unplugged, Hassle Free Bus Washing Comes of Age

Bitimec has been designing mobile bus washing equipment for 26 years. The fast, compact, affordable machines are available with electric, diesel or battery power. In fact even a hybrid ride-on washer has been available since 1999 — one year before the Toyota Prius was introduced in the United States. All models are capable of turning a single detailer into a wash crew: able to soap, wash and rinse a transit bus in 6 to 8 minutes. 

The new 626-EZ is a pallet-size fully autonomous bus wash on wheels taking only 15 square feet of floor space. Deep cycle batteries drive the power-bus-wash allowing it to wash up to 40 buses on one charge. The 626-EZ has double controls to wash safely in both directions and requires minimal maneuvering. The unit is quiet and emission free, using about 8 cents of power per bus. It has a 112-gallon water tank, a 13-gallon premix-detergent pre-soak tank, and Bitimec's 'brush-only' inclination system which leans the brush 10 to 12 degrees toward the vehicle. All functions are push button operable from either of the two controls. Operators need only minutes to become professional detailers and the feather-light EZ 4-wheel-steering makes the machine light and effortless to operate.

The Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics put Bitimec in the key player position with a 12-machine order to perform more than 1,000 washes a day.This year has seen the company enter multiple machine orders throughout the United States and Canada, from Everett Transit in Washington State, to the MTA in New York City, to the brand new Kansas City light rail. All are using the new battery-powered 626-EZ bus and railcar wash system.