QC: STM Standardizes How to Write the Names of Metro Stations

STM took the name change of the Square-Victoria station ICAO to offer the Geographical Names Board of Canada to resolve some irregularities in how to write the name of some stations.

These changes follow a questioning of our names subway stations, undertaken in 2012, in the work of the Committee on Arts and Heritage of the STM. We, in fact, pointed out inconsistencies in the way of naming our underground stations, particularly in the use of binding particles (from,) and articles (the, la). Thus, there was a station of the Church and the Acadie station; Station Savannah and Assumption station; Station and College Park station.

With the changes approved by the Commission, the names of subway stations now follow the same logic as the names they are inspired. They say Park Avenue, is now the station say the Park; told the avenue du Mont-Royal, is now say the resort of Mont-Royal. But Rosemont Boulevard, then continue to tell the Rosemont station they say ...

No cost  

These changes will be without cost. We will prepare a document that explains how to use the new names in our publications, our correspondence, Web site, etc.. In some cases, such as on the subway map, it will not be necessary to change a twenty names, because there are exceptions to the rules of names.

It does not change 20 station names as the title of the article says ... Instead, we are standardizing the way we write them with their binding particles and, with the approval of the Geographical Names Board of Canada.