Kiel North America

IN: Kiel North America Presented New Flyer Gold-Delivery Award

Kiel North America announced that the company recently was presented the “Gold Level Delivery Performance Award 2013” by New Flyer Industries Inc.

This marks the second consecutive year Kiel North America has earned this honor, and the first time Kiel has been recognized on the prestigious “Gold”-level. “Gold”-level recognitions are only awarded to high-volume suppliers who ship to New Flyer production facilities in Canada and the U.S. a minimum of 50 times per year. In order to belong to this select group, deliveries must be more than 99 percent on time. Kiel is one of only 25 companies in North America who has earned a straight A-rating for 100 percent on-time deliveries.   

“We are much honored to receive this Gold Level Award from New Flyer and we would like to thank our production partners for the recognition and outstanding collaboration,” says Thomas Schwank, general manager of Kiel North America. “Such an extraordinary accomplishment is only possible with the dedication and team-spirit of a remarkable group of employees that collectively takes pride in delivering the most robust and high-tech seating systems with state-of-the-art support in logistics.”