IN: IndyGo Awards More than $1M in Grant Funding for Transportation Projects

IndyGo, the designated recipient of the Federal Transit Administration's (FTA) Section 5310 funds, is responsible for disbursing and administering allocated funds to eligible organizations and service providers in the Indianapolis region.

Section 5310 is a grant program providing capital and operating assistance for transportation programs serving the elderly and individuals with disabilities. The grant also requires a local match provided by the grant recipient either at 20 percent or 50 percent depending on whether a project is seeking capital or operating assistance respectively.

In February, IndyGo hosted a "Call for Projects" informational session on the Section 5310 grant. At the end of the application period in April, a total of 10 grant applications were received from six agencies seeking $1.4 million in funding. The grant applications were then reviewed by a committee comprised of individuals with expertise in regional mobility issues. Judging criteria included administrative and fiscal capacity, committed local match and merits of the project to serve a community's transportation needs. Due to the overwhelming response, several applications were awarded partial funding of their project.

Capital assistance grantees include: 

  • Agency: TANGRAM
  • Project: Purchase of an accessible low-floor mini-van to facilitate transportation services for individuals with disabilities.
  • Funding Award: $32,000


  • Agency: CICOA Aging and In-Home Solutions, Inc.
  • Project: Purchase of two small transit vehicles with liftsto continue support of CICOA's Way2Go Transportation Program which provides transportation to individuals with disabilities.
  • Funding Award: $68,099


  • Agency: IndyGo
  • Project: Purchase of up to eight large lift equipped vehicles to replace those that have exceeded their useful life, allowing IndyGo to continue its Open Door services beyond the ADA ¾ mile requirement.
  • Funding Award: $423,534


  • Agency: Noble of Indiana
  • Project: Purchase of two accessible low-floor mini-vans to facilitate Noble's transportation services for individuals with disabilities in Noble's Community Integration Program.
  • Funding Award: $80,000


  • Agency: BOSMA Industries for the Blind
  • Project: Purchase of one accessible low-floor mini-van to replace one that has exceeded its useful life, allowing BOSMA to provide transportation support to individuals with vision disabilities.
  • Funding Award: $40,000


Operating assistance grantees include: 

  • Agency: CICOA Aging and In-Home Solutions
  • Project: Transportation vouchers for elderly and disabled individuals.
  • Funding Award: $220,320


  • Agency: IndyGo
  • Project: Taxi vouchers to facilitate same day services for persons with disabilities.
  • Funding Award: $107,640
  • Agency: BOSMA Industries for the Blind
  • Project: Staffing and vehicle expenses related to the operation of a transportation service for individuals with vision disabilities.
  • Funding Award: $40,550