Bitzer US Inc.

Germany: Bitzer is Building a New Corporate Headquarters in Sindelfingen

Bitzer is investing in Sindelfingen.

In its 80th year, the company is sticking with its roots and building a new headquarters close to its current head office just outside of Stuttgart, Germany.

Bitzer has had close ties with Sindelfingen ever since it was founded in 1934. And the skills of the world’s largest independent manufacturer of refrigeration compressors, which employs around 3,200 people in locations in 90 countries, will continue to be directed from Sindelfingen. 

In order that the design of the new corporate headquarters matches the existing buildings in the area, Bitzer has decided to announce a call for tenders from architects. This will ensure that the company can choose the most suitable proposal from a range of options. A global company, Bitzer is aware of its regional heritage, which is why it is investing in a new corporate headquarters in its traditional regional base.

In order to meet the required planning conditions, the city of Sindelfingen – in concert with Bitzer – is striving to amend the development plan. The future corporate headquarters are to be housed in a multistory building with 16 to 18 floors, an adjacent semi-basement and two underground car park levels. In the long term, Bitzer aims to create around 500 workstations for employees in the building.

“By investing in the new heart of the company, Bitzer is making an unambiguous statement about the location in Sindelfingen and we will increase its value significantly,” says Senator h. c. Peter Schaufler, CEO of Bitzer SE.