Jackson Area Transportation Authority (JATA)

MI: JATA Gives Free Rides During Heat Emergency

The Jackson Area Transportation Authority (JATA) is giving out free city bus tickets to Jackson residents whose health would be put at risk during a heat emergency. The tickets are referred to as “Hot Tickets” because they can only be used in a warm weather emergency.

The program works as follows:   tickets are given out to local area agencies to distribute to people that may not have a cool place to stay when the weather becomes a health issue. People can use the “Hot Ticket” to get to any cooling center.

The “Hot Ticket” will be accepted by JATA as bus fare. The tickets can only be used if the temperature reaches 93°F, or tickets may be used immediately if the heat index exceed 102°F.

Potential “Hot Ticket” users should know the terms “Orange Days” and “Red Days”, which are used on local TV/radio stations.