QC: New Clothing, New Look for STM Employees

Gradually, over the next few months, some 5,000 Société de transport de Montréal (STM) employees, including bus drivers, métro operators, fare collectors and customer service staff will begin wearing a new uniform.

Created by designer Jean-Claude Poitras, the uniform will replace the 1990 model and be updated to suit the needs of employees, particularly women who had to wear trousers intended to fit men. 

The criteria for the new uniform were simply that they met employee requirements – men and women – in terms of quality, easy care and comfort, and that it also comply with corporate values, such as sustainability.

Reviewing the uniform’s design involved employees and was carried out jointly with the various unions as part of a continuous improvement process. As such, effort was put into finding ways to fulfill everyone’s wish list without adding to the cost. Those efforts were successful as the annual cost for employee uniforms remained the same.